Herbalife Reviews: Awards and Recognition From Around the World

Herbalife Reviews: Awards and Recognition From Around the World

Herbalife Nutrition is one of the most popular nutritional supplement brands across the globe. Recently, the company reported net sales of $5.5 billion in 2020, along with 1.9 billion servings of its protein shakes sold worldwide. With the amount of success the company has had over the years, it is hard to imagine that the company began as a small business venture in the 1980s.

The company is mostly known for its weight management products. In fact, Euromonitor International designated Herbalife as the number one brand in meal replacement shakes. Going beyond weight management, the company has been expanding its product portfolio in the health and wellness space and has also been broadening the scope of their philanthropic work and scientific research.

Over the past few years, Herbalife reviews have been continuously soaring, and the company has received several recognitions for the quality of its products, as well as its contributions to hunger, wellness, and longevity around the globe.

Herbalife Nutrition’s most recent list of awards showcases essential work that has been done in several areas, not all limited to health and wellness. As a global corporation that utilizes land and agricultural resources around the world, the company is hyper-cognizant of how they treat the environment, harvesters, and farmers who produce the crops that make up its products. The company proudly showcases these awards as clear evidence that its practices and values remain consistent at all its centers worldwide.

Here are a few recent awards that Herbalife received from respected third-party agencies around the globe: 

Thailand: Healthier Choice Logo Award For Formula 1

Most developed countries have government-instituted food labels that help consumers make good choices without needing to know a lot about nutrition. For instance, in the United States, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) promote their “Have a Plant” campaign by assigning certain foods their “More Matters” labels. This campaign easily encourages Americans to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into their diets. In Thailand, foods that help support overall health and wellness combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise receive the Healthier Choice Logo.

Not just any company can put the Healthier Choice logo on their food. Specific foods go through rigorous quality testing by independent and reputable third parties in Thailand. Herbalife Nutrition’s Formula 1 meal replacement shake recently received this award in Thailand. Four Thai independent parties must affirm the food or nutritional supplement in question is low in sodium, fat, and sugar to get this award. These independent parties include The Thai Ministry of Health’s Food and Drug Administration, the Thai Health Promotion Foundation, the Thai National Food Committee, and Mahidol University’s Institute of Nutrition – all leading experts in nutrition in the country.

In addition to fat, sodium, and sugar considerations, the product must have easily readable nutritional labeling. The product or food must also lower the risk of non-communicable diseases, which annually contribute to over 70% of global deaths. NCDs, or chronic illnesses, such as diabetes, heart attacks, and strokes, may be prevented with a combination of doctor supervision, nutritious diets, and exercise, among other things. Once the four independent parties approve consideration for the label, it must be finally approved by the Thai National Strategic Steering Committee on Nutrition For A Better Quality of Life and must meet all labeling requirements by the Thai FDA.

Herbalife’s signature protein shake, Formula 1, received this award because it helped people eat healthy amounts of food daily with acceptable sugar, sodium, and fat levels. The popular Herbalife meal replacement shake is also packed full of necessary vitamins and minerals, which may provide an energy level boost to encourage healthy exercise. So, when combining a reduced calorie intake with appropriate activity levels, Formula 1 promotes healthy weight maintenance.

Germany: Healthy Living Award

Over in Europe, another Herbalife Nutrition product received an award recently. H24 Rebuild Strength was awarded the Healthy Living Award for Best Fitness Product by DoldeMedien Verlag in the “Regeneration” category. Like Thailand’s Healthier Choice Logo Award, these products go through third-party judgment by experts and specialists who understand health and supplements. DoldeMedien Verlag picks a panel of personal trainers, nutritional medicine doctors, nutritionists, recipe authors, food and health bloggers, and more to do their judging. The magazine publishers are a leader in sports and leisure in the German, Austrian, and Swiss regions.

The “Regeneration” category of the Healthy Living Award looks at products that help those who train and compete in sports recover after a workout. The ingredients in Herbalife’s sports nutrition product, H24 Rebuild Strength, do just that. Not only are they designed to provide post-workout energy, but they also contain essential ingredients that help muscles, metabolism, and energy replenish themselves. The formula includes:

  • Protein: protein is a natural fuel source for post-workout routines. It also helps to build and maintain muscle mass post-workout. With 25 grams of protein in every serving, H24 Rebuild Strength does this effortlessly.
  • L-glutamine: commonly used by those who work out, L-glutamine actively synthesizes protein, helping the body process the protein it uses as fuel and replenishment. It also helps repair cells in the body – including muscle cells, making it perfect for post-workout.
  • Branched-chain amino acids: Branched-chain amino acids (BCAA) have several workout-related benefits, including reduced fatigue, muscle strengthening, and lower post-workout muscle soreness. Incorporating BCAA into pre-and post-workout fuel can significantly (and naturally) improve performance over time.
  • Iron: Anyone who has lived with an iron deficiency can tell you that reduced iron in the bloodstream can make you very tired. Iron helps transport oxygen throughout the bloodstream, as well as boosting metabolism, and without enough iron, workouts can suffer. It is essential for post-workout energy and also for transporting oxygen during workouts.

At only 190 calories per serving, with no artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners, H24 Rebuild Strength earned this award for providing targeted nutrition to those who participate in workouts. Finally, H24 was tested by the anti-doping laboratory of LGC for banned substances and was shown to be free of any banned substances. Serious athletes with the need for a lot of post-workout energy can get the energy they need without engaging in doping when utilizing H24 Rebuild Strength as part of their workout.

Bosnia and Herzegovina: The Five Star Quality Medal

Herbalife’s Formula 1 shake received another award recently in Bosnia and Herzegovina for consumer quality. Formula 1 was the recipient of the QUDAL five-star quality medal. QUDAL conducts consumer research using consumer input and scientific research, allowing for unbiased and accurate results of the products they survey.

This award asks consumers directly to pick the weight control meal replacement brand they find to be of the highest quality with the best results. To get unbiased answers from consumers, the International Certification Association provides consumers with anonymous surveys for consumers to identify their choices for this reward. In Bosnia, consumers overwhelmingly implied that Formula 1 by Herbalife Nutrition was their go-to product for weight management.

Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Herbalife Team were particularly proud of this award because it was only made possible because of its continued investment in dietary and nutritional research. Formula 1 was Herbalife Nutrition’s flagship product. When it first went on the market, the formula looked significantly different than it does today. Its main product goal has always been to provide simple and effective weight maintenance. Still, the formula has consistently evolved as the company has determined healthier and more effective routes for weight management. The food scientists at Herbalife Nutrition made this win possible, as well as the dedicated consumers of Formula 1.

China: Quality Inspection Association Awards

Herbalife China was in the news recently as the recipient of another set of awards – this time, four awards that investigated both the quality of a product and the care that went into its making. CAQI recognized Herbalife in the following four separate award categories:

  1. The National Award for Enterprises Demonstrating Quality and Integrity in Products and Services awards companies with exemplary customer service and product safety.
  2. The National Award for Consistent Production of Qualified Products based on Quality Inspection, an award for companies who consistently meet and exceed the annual quality inspection requirements carried about by the CAQI.
  3. The National Award for Leading Enterprise on Quality and Integrity is awarded to companies who continually demonstrate a commitment to integrity and quality throughout the manufacturing process and continued investment in technology and industry standards.
  4. The National Award for the Leading Quality Brand in Health Foods Industry recognizes company contributions toward global health and product quality.

These sweeping wins for Herbalife Nutrition were significant to the company, as Herbalife Nutrition has several manufacturing and innovation plants in China. Additionally, many of their quality ingredients – like green tea leaves for their line of green tea drinks – are sourced directly from China. Herbalife was proud to receive these four awards from CAQI, a nonprofit organization supervised by China’s State Administration of Market Regulation.

Mexico: Corporate Social Responsibility Award

Mexico’s influence within the global market has never been disputed. Hundreds of corporations around the world outsource labor to centers in Mexico with the expectation that labor will be cheaper there. Far too often, these corporations offer little in the way of recompense to the communities in which they live, and they offer to pay that doesn’t provide comfortable living opportunities for the people they employ. Workers in Mexico have fought tirelessly for their rights as one of the centers for productivity in the world. Because of this, the Alliance for Corporate Social Responsibility (AliaRSE) and the Mexican Center for Philanthropy (CEMEFI) created the Socially Responsible Company Award. The Socially Responsible Company Award congratulates and recognizes institutions and companies that positively impact workers and communities. Herbalife Nutrition was a recent recipient of that award, their tenth in a row, showcasing their dedication to workers’ rights and livelihood as a part of healthy global lifestyles.

To be considered for this award, companies must

  1. Provide suitable working conditions for their workers. Workers must have clean and comfortable working conditions, fair pay, and the ability to advance in their positions. This area of the award has been a core value of the Herbalife corporate structure since its start. Independent distributors and employees alike are provided with the opportunity to work their own set hours and advance at a rate that best suits their lifestyle.
  2. Must actively reduce their impact upon the local and global environment and work toward creating better environmental futures. Companies must also practice positive environmental practices when advertising, distributing and packaging their products.
  3. Must advertise their products in a clear, corporatelyresponsible way. While the award recognizes that competition is inherent to corporate structure, business competition cannot impede anyone else’s lives.
  4. Must adhere to a code of ethics and compliance that benefits people inside and outside of the company. In addition to this, the award rules state that the company must be transparent about its values and stances on internal and external corruption. Additionally, the company must work on a platform of respect and integrity toward the people with whom it is involved and others.
  5. Must give back to the community as part of its business practices. Recipients of this award must, finally, invest in the communities in which it inhabits. Many of the global businesses with operations in Mexico take resources from the community without substantially giving back. This designation shows that Herbalife gives back to the community and invests in its people, which in turn lets Mexican communities know and trust the companies who operate within them.

This corporate responsibility award was one of the awards which Herbalife received over the past year for which they were most proud. As a company dedicated to bettering lives through health, the company understands that the way it pays its workers and enhances the communities in which it resides directly contributes to the overall health of people around the world.

Far too often, Herbalife Nutrition is seen only as a nutritional supplement company. However, a closer look at the company’s awards and merits shows that it not only operates much in the same way as any other nutritional supplement business might, but it also provides a lot more. Herbalife’s products are consistently award-winning, and it operates on community and health-oriented ethics. In all, the Herbalife Nutrition enterprise gives back to its community in many more ways than people tend to know.