Collective Spirits launch new drinks company for premium Tequila Mezcal and Rum

Bristol, London UK.  Collective Spirits establishes a specialist distribution & marketing company with a unique portfolio of high-quality, sustainable spirits from Central & South America.

Collective Spirits will represent a collaboration of independent Central and South American brands not previously available in the UK.  Collective Spirits has teamed up with Terranova Spirits, Enmezcalaerte & Fools Gold and will market their exciting ranges of unique & sustainably-produced Tequilas, Mezcals, Rums, Piscos & Liqueurs in the UK.

Collective Spirits aims to ride the wave of interest in Central & South American spirits across the UK and meet increased demand for high quality authentic brands with sustainable practices.  The premium Tequila, premium Rum and Mezcal categories have all grown by 5+% per year since 2018 and this trend has continued through lockdown.

The launch will introduce bartender favourites Cimarrón Tequila, Picaflor Mezcal & Campo de Encanto Pisco.  The launch also introduces Tequila ArteNOM Selección, Don Amado Mezcal and the complete Fuenteseca Tequila Reserva range, which includes the oldest aged expressions of tequila in the world [15,18 & 21years].

All tequilas are made from fully-mature 100% Blue Weber agave plants and artesian well water without diffusers, enhancers, or modifiers.  All mezcals are made in Oaxaca, Mexico and are produced using sustainable, ecological methods.

Collective Spirits will also launch Terranova’s Panamá-Pacific Rum into the UK. Named after the 1915 Panamá-Pacific International Exposition, which celebrated the completion of the Panama Canal, Panama Pacific Rum is distilled at the famous “Las Cabras” distillery in Panama.  The rum is initially rested in Kentucky bourbon casks for three years, and further ageing for 5, 9, 15 and 23 years takes place in Tennessee whiskey barrels for a rounded portfolio; all age statements reflect the youngest rum in the blend.

Jake Lustig, Terranova founder and director, said, the UK is a key market for us and we are delighted to work with the Collective Spirits team who will bring a dedicated focus and energy to get these top-quality spirits to the places and people who will appreciate them most

Tom Stockley, Collective Spirits founder, said, To form a spirits collective and community like this has always been a dream of ours and the pandemic provided the catalyst for the idea to take shape.  Were now very excited to work with this extraordinary portfolio and, when we can all finally return to our beloved restaurants and bars again, we cant wait to share it with bartenders, mixologists and drinks enthusiasts around the UK.

Carlos Romero, founder and Master Distiller of Campo de Encanto Pisco, said Its incredible for Campo de Encanto Pisco to re-enter the UK and be alongside so many other incredible brands, many of which are old friend

The Collective Spirits catalogue is available HERE

Bottle images available HERE

Collective Spirits will be running tasting sessions and expert discussion forums with distillery contacts throughout May and June.

About Collective Spirits:

Collective Spirits was formed out of two drinks distribution companies in 2020 by Tom Stockley, Duncan Stone and Joe Marshall-Rush.  Their love for high-quality Mexican spirits led them to explore import options to fill UK demand during the pandemic down days.  Collective Spirits will focus on sourcing and promoting sustainably produced spirits from community focused farms.

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