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We all know that a healthy diet is just one of the key building blocks of athletic success, but what if healthy eating could be tastier? Well, at Seaweed Agogo we think we have achieved just that, our flavour packed Protein Snackers & Crunchies are made from the highest quality organic Irish seaweed and are available in a range of great tastes; including, Orange and Cocoa, Lemongrass, Turmeric which acts as a natural anti-inflammatory and finger-licking Piri Piri for all of the spice lovers out there.

How does Seaweed Agogo weigh up?

We’ve told you about the great taste experience that is Seaweed Agogo, but from a nutritional standpoint how does it weigh up against the leading competitors in the marketplace?

Ounce for ounce, seaweed is packed full of more nutrients than any other food source on earth and it’s sustainable nature makes it simple to produce with minimal environmental impact.

These benefits alone are unmatched by a large portion of protein snack manufacturer’s, many of which use only a single protein source.

But the benefits don’t stop there! Each 30g portion of our Seaweed Snackers and Crunchies is jam-packed with essential, immune-boosting vitamins, minerals and protein. Each pack provides you with a tasty, balanced, high-protein snack that is ideal for athletes and people on the go!

Don’t take our word for it, we’ve gathered some testimonials below from UK ultra-athletes. Their intense lifestyles require a nutritional diet and they believe Seaweed Agogo does just that!

“Seaweed Agogo Protein Snackers, are a key component in my triathlon training. Not only do they taste great, but the Protein boost keeps me driven during events”.

Robert Pritchard – Triathlete

“I eat Seaweed Agogo Snacks before intense workouts. They are also one of my best selling products at my health food Deli”.

Nufi – UK – Bodybuilder & Nutritionist

On-trend snacking for the Millenial marketplace!

According to a recent study undertaken by Forbes magazine, Marine microalgae and seaweed agriculture are the fastest-growing segments of global food production. The need for sustainable, low carbon footprint snacks with great health benefits is the driving force behind Seaweed Agogo and with the world’s seaweed production having tripled since the Millenium, the need and acceptance of our products has become clear.

At Seaweed Agogo we’re not alone, seaweed and sea vegetables have recently been adopted by Michelin Star rated restaurants. The acceptance of seaweed as a delicacy by world-renowned chefs has further increased the popularity of this previously underrated superfood, creating massive demand for the product, especially amongst the younger generations.

Growing product range, Seaweed Agogo in the kitchen!

Due to the ever-increasing popularity of our Protein Snackers and Crunchies, the seaweed experts at Seaweed Agogo decided to create a whole new range of taste bud tingling products from the sea.

If the crispy crunch of our Snackers and Crunchies isn’t for you, we have recently launched a delicious range of seaweed-based popcorn snacks in a variety of incredible flavours, including, adventurous Wasabi & Ginger and a more modest Himalayan Sea Salt, a classic and complementary flavour with its own set of health benefits!


“The essential minerals in Himalayan Sea Salt act as important electrolytes in the body. They help with fluid balance, nerve transmission and muscle function.”

Source: Healthline.com

In addition to our protein-packed snack food range, we have also created a selection of herbs, and salt replacement products to give a flavour kick to your culinary creations; ideal for toppings, marinades and full-fledged recipes. Our enticing new herb mixes are available in Italian, Asian, Mexican and Organic Kombu flavours, so no matter your palette we have a tasty and nutritional product for you.

Why Choose Seaweed Agogo?

As a company, we’re not just passionate about our product, but seaweed in general. Our company founders have more than 40 years of experience working with microalgae and seaweed and include known industry figures such as Professor Mike Dillon, a company founder and regular writer for our blog.

Professor Mike has been studying the benefits of plant health since 1984, working with both Unilever and Geest to create sustainable, nutritional food products that promote animal well-being.

As well as helping to develop great-tasting products with Seaweed Agogo, Mike Dillon PhD is also a founding member of the world seaweed congress organisation.

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