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The unparalleled profits and a passion for trading have influenced many people to look for different Cryptocurrency exchanges or trading softwares. Today, due to extraordinary growth in the crypto trading market, everyone wants to try their luck at least once in this new trading world.

But, the question here is, due to this market being in a nascent stage, there is a very chance that we are not aware of the different trading styles in this market. So how can one know about the different types of trading styles?

Bitcoin Trading styles

There are mainly two approaches that can be used in trading, Daily Trading or long-term trading.

Daily trading means trading on a day-to-day basis, whereas long-term trading means making an investment and then waiting for its value to increase over a specified period and then sell it for profit realization. As per choice, the user can follow any of the approaches single-handedly or can go for both approaches simultaneously.

In a more elaborative sense, trading can be done in the following ways:

  • Day Trading
  • Trend Trading
  • Hedging Bitcoin Trading
  • HODL Bitcoin trading strategy

Day Trading in Bitcoins means that the trading market will open and close daily and the investor will not have market exposure overnight.

In Trend Trading, the trader will trade as per the current trend of the trading market, i.e user will need to analyse if the market is in a bullish trend or a bearish trend. Based on the trend of the market, the decision, whether to go for long trading or short trading, will be taken. Any change in trend will force the investors too to change their trading strategy by closing the current position and opening a new one as per the changed trading trend.

In the Hedging Bitcoin trading style, the investor has to trade against the market. This can be explained with the help of an example, like- let’s assume that the investor has some bitcoins but was concerned about the short-term drop in its value. Thus, he will decide to open a short-term position on Bitcoin with CFDs. If the market price of Bitcoins drops, the gains on the short-term position will offset either some of the losses or all the losses on the coins owned by the investor.

The next strategy is the ‘HODL’ bitcoin strategy. In this, the investor buys and holds bitcoins. The name of this strategy is derived from the misspellings of the word ‘Hold’ and represents the phrase ‘hold on for dear life. The decision to buy and hold the bitcoins is based on the positive outlook of its long-term price. On the other hand, if market analysis asks you to sell the bitcoins, then instead of holding them, the investor must sell them and close the position.


What is 1K Daily software?

1K Daily is a unique profit-making cryptocurrency trading software, founded by Mr John Becker, a former Goldman Sachs employee. This unique, simple, and user-friendly trading software works on an automated trading system. Its main goal is to help even new traders to step into the trading world easily and to taste the success of trading in the form of hiding profit-makings.

To surprise with its growth, today 1K Daily has become the most favourite trading software among the crypto traders, primarily because of its unique autopilot feature, with the help of which the traders can earn a minimum of $1000 per day by simply opening the funds account with $250 only.

1K Daily software is not only the most user-friendly software but is also easily accessible. It can be used on any to every operating system, like- Microsoft, Windows, Android, iOS.

How can you start using 1K Daily Software?

You can get yourself registered for free with 1K Daily trading software. All you need to do to get registered is:

  • Get sign-up for your trading account on their official website
  • Get your account and other important details verified from the software system and open your trading financial account with them
  • Add some trading funds, min of 4250, in your account as your initial investment and that’s it. All done to start trading in the real trading world.

To trade in cryptocurrencies, you need to spend at least 15-20 minutes daily to check-box your trade preferences and to set up the risk profile along with the amount limit up to which you want to trade. Other things such as market analysis and trading signals, all are taken care of by the software.

The system will work for you to generate a guaranteed minimum amount of $1000 profits daily.

Why use 1K Daily

Getting yourself registered with this software will be your first step towards your financial freedom. There are many benefits of using this software, they are listed as below-

  • The 1k Daily is one of the best softwares that work on an automated system that can operate with full autonomy.
  • Trading signals available on this software assist you in deciding the right trading decisions and further in making profits daily.
  • Its unique autopilot feature attracts many new traders worldwide
  • It is operable on every prominent platform such as Android, Microsoft, iOS, Mac, Linux, and Windows.
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