Reasons Why (the Right Amount of) Coffee Is Good for You

No matter how much you enjoy eating or something, at some point, you need to call it quits. The saying that everything in moderation is good for you isn’t just a saying and applies to the amount of coffee we consume. The average person takes in about 3-5 cups of coffee a day which can still be considered an acceptable amount to consume without damaging your body, but how much is too much?

Water Intake

 Humans need to consume at least eight glasses of water a day to flush out all the toxins and to keep the nutrients and vitamins we eat going to all the right places. Water also helios with your digestive system, and without it, our bodies are sure to shut down. The human body creates many toxins in almost every major organ, and drinking water regularly helps these toxins be flushed out. 3-5 cups of coffee a day contains roughly 1.25 litres of water per average 250ml cup, making up half of the water you need to consume for the day. As a bonus, coffee also helps the liver and kidneys to filter out the toxins a little faster, so having a few cups are not just enjoyable but also a little immune boost.

Organic Assistance

As mentioned before, coffee helps the body to function at its best. Whether you choose to drink decaf, green or ordinary coffee, your body will still benefit from the nutrients in the beans themselves. Here is a quick look at the organs that coffee assists:

  • Heart – Coffee helps to lower your risk of a stroke or coronary heart disease by working on enzymes that stimulate the heart’s contractions.
  • Liver – Caffeine can help slow down fatty liver tissue growth that can cause liver disease or Hepatitis C.
  • Brain function – Caffeine can give your body an adrenaline boost, decreasing fatigue and increasing memory function and reflexes. Caffeine blocks the inhibitory neurotransmitter adenosine and helps fight the early signs of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

Weight Loss  

Caffeine is a good weight loss booster for anyone who wants to lose weight the right way. Most diets include caffeine because of its natural ability to boost your adrenaline and give your body energy by boosting your metabolism. You will need to consider cutting down on your sugar and exchanging your full cream for low-fat milk or even having it black to be effective. The caffeine will reduce the internal inflammation and help you keep some of those hunger pains and cravings at bay. There are also many vitamins in coffee that can help you build muscle and repair some of your body’s damage during exercise.

One of the most effective weight loss coffee recipes is bulletproof coffee. It’s made with coffee, coconut oil and ghee and acts as a meal replacement when you are on a high protein diet. It’s been all the talk about keto diets and should effectively reduce kilograms if you drink first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. You can continue to drink an additional 3 or 4 cups of coffee because this recipe doesn’t affect your intake at all. The keto diet insists that you take in extra coffee to boost your metabolism, so you can continue to enjoy it without concern.

Nutrients and minerals

Drinking enough coffee can help you make up your daily intake amount of certain nutrients and minerals. Coffee beans are plant-based, and even after the beans have been roasted for consumption, they are excellent for delivering the following benefits:

  • Vitamin B2 helps to break down carbohydrates and maintain the body’s energy supply.
  • Vitamin B5 helps fight skin allergies and inflammation like acne and assists with the speedy recovery of infection.
  • Potassium: reduces inflammation in the heart and helps to balance out the fluid in your body. High blood pressure can cause water retention, and potassium can reduce the side effects.
  • Magnesium acts as a natural mood enhancer and helps to fight depression and keep headaches and migraines away.

Fighting cancer

Cancer is one of the illnesses that we hear about too often, and anything that we can do to reduce the risks, we should do. Uncontrolled growth in our cells can lead to various types of cancer, but adding enough coffee to our diets can reduce the risks and slow down the possibility of early development. Drinking 4-5 cups of coffee a day can lessen these liver and colon cancer risks thanks to the antioxidants in coffee beans.

Consider adding more coffee to your day, but moderate the intake with enough water and fresh fruit and vegetables. A great way to always have good coffee around is to invest in a monthly coffee subscription. You will be able to select between decaf and caffeinated, and you can alternate according to the time of the day. Even though having coffee at night puts your sleep at risk, a cup of decaf won’t. Our bodies could use the boost, so let’s give it a healthy one.

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