10 Unknown Facts About the Male Human Body

The human body is the most intriguing creation of nature, whether it be male or female! And while the miracle of birth puts a lot of suspicion on the female body, we fail to know and talk about its male counterpart. Men’s wellness and fitness is always a point of discussion, but their biological creation is also a mysterious tale to know! Most of us neglect the early signs of many common health diseases that affect men more often than women. But what if we could discern and understand it better to take better care of the same.

Some of the facts are ordinarily known to all, like, men have larger teeth than women, hoarse voices because of Adam’s apple, etc. But male sexuality, hormonal changes, and emotional factors are not open and about to all! This unawareness causes a prevailing risk on men’s wellness and health. Most experts have underlined the below-the-belt facts about the male human body that we must be aware of!

The masculine creation of god also has a lot of delicacies and needs constant care.

Unknown facts Male Human Body: Discovered

The male human body is strong and robust but prone to diseases. The scientific proves that women live longer than men are true because there is very little we know about them. As long as men can pull weights and work all day long, most of us see them as fit individuals. But once we discover the unknown facts about the masculine body structure, it will represent a clear picture, and we will also realize why it is essential to get consultations on men’s wellness.

The Male Body Has A G-Spot

Many sexologists and experts have debated the male prostate gland to be their G-spot, a considerable equivalent of that in females. Apparently, prostate stimulation is possible through the anal canal, and men can feel a stronger orgasm when that G-spot gets active.

Men Have Darker Hair

The male body contains more melanin than the female ones, which is why they have darker hair than women. Many scientific reports and studies have revealed this phenomenon to be true. As a result, we see fewer men with naturally blonde or brown hair. That is why men’s wellness kits now have so many hair care products and items.

Male Brain Processes Threats Better

As we know, the amygdala part of the human brain drives and processes the “fight or flight” response. It controls the body’s reactions to fear and stress. A male brain has a larger amygdala that enables them to process threats and fights better than females.

Male Erections Perform Differently

Male erection is a fascinating action, even to themselves! While most people think erections cause the same increase in penile length, science proves otherwise. Some men may have a small flaccid penis but have the ideal erection length compared to those with a bigger flaccid penis! This difference happens because some men may not grow more than a couple of centimeters in an erection.

There Is More To Semen Than Just Sperms

Seminal fluid is not just a group of millions of sperms coming out of a male’s body. It has nutrients! Yes, semen contains amino acids, zinc, potassium, fructose, citric acid, and phosphorylcholine.

Male Babies Can Have Erections Inside The Womb

As frightening and awkward as it sounds, male babies get erections after 16 weeks in the womb. Doctors claimed this act is crucial since these small periodic erections cause the required movements for the penile tissues to stay oxygenated.

Men Can Possibly Lactate

As it turns out from numerous scientific studies, male bodies also have mammary glands. They do not develop because men do not produce prolactin, but it is not entirely impossible. A disruption in the hypothalamus or external dosage of prolactin can cause lactation in men. Men’s wellness seems more crucial with this fact in the light!

Male Orgasms Last Shorter Than Females

While the maximum time a man can hold an erection differs largely, no male orgasm beats a female! Most doctors claim it is half as short as women.

Male Bodies Can Also Formulate Yeast Infections

Balanitis, a result of yeast infection, can potentially affect men. It makes the penis head inflamed and irritated with an itching sensation. Therefore, skin cleanliness and hygiene should be a part of men’s wellness.

Male Muscle Expands Faster

This fact might not be a wonder, but it is true! Since men have a rich amount of testosterone in their body, a primary growth hormone for muscle mass, they grow muscular bodies faster than females.

Men’s wellness is as crucial as that of a female’s as both the creations have their disparity levels. There are health supplements, grooming, and wellness products available in the market for men as well. And we must take all the necessary steps to take care of them. Men must also be consistent with their fitness regimes and diet to lead a healthy life.