Learn the Standard Essay Format: MLA, APA, Chicago Styles

We all have writings assigned at some time in our lives. While most come with specifics from your instructor, others will take require that you understand writing formats. Of course, we also can be interested in dealing with writing test taker for hire because we need to know exactly what writing skills to get before passing our final writing exam or paper. To get a head start on different styles you’ll undoubtedly encounter, Custom Writing Help has outlined three. No matter your major, you are sure to run into one of these standard writing formats, all of which require specific formatting.

What’s the Format of an Essay?

When you get a writing assignment, the structure is everything. Not only does your grade rely on it but, it also helps to increase readability and understanding. Many times, essays covering academic topics require specific formats, dropping down your grade if you don’t keep up. Other essays may have different requirements specified by your instructors. You can find info online, but the better you know the formats, your essay writing will be easier.

All about MLA

Writers at MBA assignment help service say that MLA is the most requested format by students. Understanding what MLA is, you’ll save a tone time and decrease stress, writing your essay with ease. When assigned MLA format, be sure and meet the specifics below:

Technical Stuff

When writing in MLA, it’s not about the content but about the way your format it. A solid tip is to wait until the end to format, focusing on your writing first. All the rest, you can add in later with just a few clicks. Letters should be size twelve with neutral font Times New Roman. Also, there are particulars for spacing like double spacing everything. Make sure that you put page numbers and set margins at one inch so that everything looks uniform and perfect. The rest is simple, just leaving you to fill in the blanks.

Don’t Forget

When you turn in an academic paper, you should present it professionally. That means adding a title that has your professor’s name along with any of the information requested. Make the first page of your paper look neat, and upload your paper like a pro.

APA Specifics

APA is much more technical than MLA, usually used for scientific papers that present investigative findings. Though it’s primarily used in advanced sciences, several professors will request that you format in APA, following the basics in structure and format. There are a lot of similarities in the format so, these will look familiar.

Technical Specs

When you write an APA paper, you need to keep it organized. That means formatting your paper correctly so that things look sharp when you hand it in. Words should be a uniform 12-point with Times New Roman Font. Makes sure and leave spaces throughout to make it easier to read and easier to correct when your professors give it a read. Last but not least, don’t forget to include a title page that has valuable information like the title and your name.


The title is not just the title of your paper or investigative finding. You’ll also need to add your name and the names of your collaborators.


Both MLA and APA are very similar and may be difficult to tell apart. While many technical things are the same, there are a few differences that we’ll point out below.


When presenting sources, each format has its particular method. First off, each format requires different punctuation and order of information about your citations. In addition, APA sources are title references, whereas MLA sources are titled Works Cited.

In-text Citations

Another critical difference is citations found within the document. Each one requires the placement of parenthesis differently, and APA asks that you add a p. in front of the page number if quoting from a book.

Chicago Style

Chicago style isn’t seen so much in regular essay writing but is all-around academic writings. The key thing with Chicago format is paying attention to the spacing and citations, as they are the key differences that set them apart from MLA and APA.

Double Spacing

Chicago style leaves spacing doubled throughout. For the title page, double space it and leave it apart from the rest of your paper. You may be requested to add other information, so make sure and listen up when your professor is handing over the assignment.

Technical Stuff

Do not add any extra spaces, and leave one inch of space all the way around. Size letters at twelve and use an easy to read font like Times New Roman.


Chicago style requires footnotes that are listed throughout your paper. These will later go onto your bibliography page as citations for your sources.


Instead of the works cited or references page, you’ll need a bibliography for sources. This page belongs at the end and is handed in with your completed paper.

Tips to Writing an Academic Paper

With the formats in mind, you’ll know how to format documents and tell the differences between them. If you have an academic paper due, follow these quick tips from writers at Do My Test For Me Online to see how the pros do it.

Topic Choice

The topic is essential to the process of writing. Depending on your attachment to the topic, you may be more or less interested. If you’re excited, your paper will flow easily. If not, it may take some time to get things rolling. So, go for something you’re passionate about, able to express your opinions easily.


You might’ve chosen a theme quickly but, you may want to hold up a bit while you pre-research. Pre-research is super helpful and gives you a good hint as to how easily you can find info.


With your topic and sources in mind, it’s time to create an outline. The more detailed your outline, the easier your writing will be, so take your time and add in all the details to make it easier in the long run.

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