Deceived: Love, Loss & The Innate Strength of Womanhood Collide in Thrilling Contemporary Romance

Brenda Burling’s ‘Deceived’ throws readers from the Cambridgeshire countryside to the bustle of Florida, as one woman grapples with the sudden and unexpected disappearance of her children and husband. It’s a novel that celebrates the tenacity and determination of the modern woman, as heroine Julia stops at nothing to get back what is rightly hers. Curious? Read on…
Kirsty Jackson
United Kingdom – Writer Brenda Burling has a deep affinity to her novels; she writes about the places she has visited, fallen in love with and built a true connection to.
Her latest contemporary romance novel spans two continents, between the serene countryside of Cambridgeshire and the fussy, tourist mecca of Central Florida.
But at its heart, ‘Deceived’ is a story of a woman simply trying to find those she loves. And she’ll do whatever it takes.
Julia’s privileged and ordered world is turned upside down in a single day.  The start of the catastrophic turn of events begins with a seemingly simple mobile phone malfunction, culminating in the disappearance of her children and husband. 
Against the backdrop of Cambridgeshire countryside and Florida’s relentless heat and countless tourists, Julia’s search begins. 
Deceived is the story of one woman’s strength, ingenuity and inexorable courage to get back that which has been taken from her, by whatever means necessary.
“I wanted to craft something compelling and cinematic, yet also a story that celebrates the strength and determination of today’s modern women,” explains the author. “When we’re forced into tragic and confusing situations, our strengths often come out to rise above our vulnerabilities. That’s the focus of this novel, all told through the eyes of a woman facing her darkest days.”
Continuing, “I live on the Cambridgeshire/Essex border, so am able to work some very vivid descriptions into the narrative. This is a novel for those who enjoy romance, strong female leads, and also just a solid story of someone trying to overcome the odds.”
Reviews have been extremely positive. Claire Watts writes, “Brenda Burling has delivered an intriguing story that captured me from the very beginning, I haven’t read a storyline like this before and was impressed with the attention to detail given to describe each place Julia visits. I also liked the snippets of the other characters perspectives throughout and the overwhelming determination Julia had to get her family back. I highly recommend you add this book to your reading list.”
‘Deceived’, from Cranthorpe Millner, is available now
About the author, in her own words:
I prefer to refer to myself as a haphazard writer, I don’t always follow a planned route in any of my writing and often surprise myself with where the story takes me. I love nothing more than writing accompanied by a cup of tea or if a respectable hour, a glass of wine.  I am so very lucky to live on the beautiful Essex/Cambridgeshire border with my husband, our two sons and an often changing array of pets.
I’ve always had a love of reading and began writing during my school days but only in my twenties did I indulge my passion properly. This has resulted in novels, articles and personal help books being written. I read just about anything from romance to thriller to cookery books and even children’s books.
I love to travel and have favourite destinations in Europe and America.  I always try to write about places I have lived in, spent time in or have some sort of connection with.
My aim: to continue to write for as long as the inspiration keep coming.