Echoes of Gravity: James Murdo’s trilogy-starter grips readers with a clever mix of Star Trek, Altered Carbon and The Hunger Games

Echoes of Gravity: James Murdo’s trilogy-starter grips readers with a clever mix of Star Trek, Altered Carbon and The Hunger Games
A must-read for those who enjoy authors such as Iain M. Banks, Alastair Reynolds and Dan Simmons.
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UNITED KINGDOM – James Murdo shatters Sci-Fi tropes and leaves them stranded in the spaghettification limbo of a black hole. His new trilogy-starter ECHOES OF GRAVITY (of the Tapache’s Promise Trilogy) explores a mysterious frontier – the space in between galaxies, devoid of stars, but by no means empty.
In a blend reminiscent of Star TrekAltered Carbon, and a hint of The Hunger Games, ECHOES OF GRAVITY is part of the rising tide of science fiction emphasising the truly original, whilst allowing readers to ground themselves within characters they can identify with. Often compared with the likes of Iain M. Banks and Alastair Reynolds, Murdo achieves his own stamp on science fiction genres including space opera and space exploration, and provides readers with something unique. As previous reviewers of James’ work set in the same Sci-Fi Wanderer Universe have commented, “The blend of biology, science, technology and engineering is staggering”, and “you’ll be fascinated by the Wanderers cosmos!”.
What’s in store for readers this time?
Expect the human-like, and the completely mind-boggling un-humanlike and quite profoundly alien.
Expect to discover the wonders lurking in the brimming “emptiness” between galaxies.
Expect an epic mystery.
Not only do we have intelligent machines and non-traditional modes of biological life, we have a plethora of “creatures” that are something else entirely. ECHOES OF GRAVITY also investigates the importance of friendship and the inexplicable bonds that draw us together. With four friends taking the lead characters, Murdo imaginatively encourages readers to question what we believe to be right and why it’s not always good to judge the actions of others. ECHOES OF GRAVITY will be loved by fans of James Murdo and the sci-fi genre, but his clever use of relatable anchor points will undoubtedly open this trilogy up to a whole new audience.
Ancient machine intelligences. Resurrected species with no memories of the past. Creatures composed of gravity strings. What is hidden in the void between galaxies?
Tapache, a machine intelligence with great power, has revived the Roranian people from their derelict remains. It has gifted them the Great Ship to voyage through space and given them a purpose: to discover the truth about a weapon capable of unthinkable devastation.
An unexpected attack, followed by hundreds of years in stasis, scuppers those plans. Hope seems lost for a small group of Roranian survivors, until something far greater draws them in a megastructure beyond comprehension.
The megastructure is far from safe. There are incumbent species that already lay their claim, all with secrets of their own, and a strangely smart information network that exists where it has no right.
Was Tapache lying?
About the author:
James Murdo was born and raised in London, where he still lives. He graduated from university with a master’s degree in physics, which added fuel to his early love of science fiction. ECHOES OF GRAVITY is the first in the Tapache’s Promise Trilogy, set in the Sci-Fi Wanderer Universe, alongside many of James’ other books.
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Publisher: Cranthorpe Millner
Publication date: 29.06.21
Language: English
Print length: 337 pages
ISBN No: 978-1-912964-00-0
Price:  £8.99

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