The most accessed entertainment in the online space

The arrival of the metaverse and the ability to do pretty much everything on the internet has made the online space well-suited to gaming. This article looks at the most played type of games in this space. It is an aspect of the internet that is in constant development; as such, what is a top game today may not be top forever. Still, those discussed below are the games that have been long-loved over a lengthy period of time and continue to top the entertainment and gaming lists worldwide.

Adventure and fantasy RPG

The adventure and fantasy gaming sector has become one of the most played in the world. It is expected to have reached 76 billion dollars in 2022. These role-playing games have become incredibly popular – with titles such as Dungeons and Dragons, Dragon Quest, and Castlevania reigning supreme and garnering a massive online following.

Many players are offered free-to-play but then have in-app or in-game purchases available that users have to engage in if they wish to progress in the game. These games will arguably push the envelope of virtual reality and will continue to be some of the most played games on the planet for years to come.

The online casino

The online casino is also one of the most played gaming sectors and types on the internet. The movement of bricks and mortar casinos into the online space has happened relatively quickly, and there are now online casinos operating in most countries and regions of the world.

All you need is a concise list of available casinos in your area, and then you will be able to select the ideal platforms that appeal to you and your game preferences. For example, if you live in Australia, you can use guides and review websites to search for the best online casinos in Australia for real money – you can do the same kind of search using these sites for almost any country, region, or state.

These guide websites provide a concise list of what’s hot and what’s not in the online casino industry and are a great way to start an online casino journey as a beginner. More than 85 million active players engage in the online casino space, a sector many argue will soon become the biggest e-gaming phenomenon.


Quiz games became some of the most downloaded games during the recent pandemic – whether downloaded and played at home or online using a virtual meeting platform such as teams or skype.

There has been a recent surge in various quizzes being shared and completed on social media, and although these may not necessarily be a game in the literal sense, it is a means of entertainment and one that has spread rapidly across all social media platforms.

Word games

The popularity of word games reached new heights when the New York Times purchased Wordle in January 2022. Now, there are a host of similar spinoffs that offer a daily challenge that allows you to compete against your friends.

The word game is a top entertainment choice for many, and with over 7 billion smartphones in use at any one given time, there may be more word game downloads than there are people looking to read the latest news.

These are some of the forms of entertainment that have taken the internet by storm. As internet connectivity improves and develops and smart mobiles spread across the world, the way we spend our time online is changing. The hobbies and pastimes discussed are those that we now view as the most important in the modern age – and it’s thanks to the online space.