Magical Winter Wonderland: What to Do on a Visit to Lapland

Magical Winter Wonderland: What to Do on a Visit to Lapland

Most people know Lapland as the home of Santa Claus, making it a popular vacation choice for families who want to take their kids right into the center of all the magic. However, it’s a suitable choice of winter wonderland destination for people of all ages, with a different kind of magic for everyone. The Northern Lights, midnight sun in the summer, or the Nordic woodlands that are amazing to explore during the fall are just some of the reasons that people decide to put Lapland on their travel bucket list. And when it comes to things to do, you might be surprised to hear that there’s a lot more on offer than just sledding.

The Northern Lights:

With a chance to see one of the biggest and best natural spectacles around the world for around two hundred nights per year from the end of August until April, it’s no surprise that Lapland is a popular choice of destination for those who want to see the Aurora Borealis. This is often a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for those who don’t live close to the Arctic Circle. The lights will appear on clear nights, and Lapland has a range of glass igloos and luxury suites that you can stay in for the experience if you don’t want to stay for a few hours in the cold, waiting for the magic to happen. If you are interested in aurora borealis hunting, make sure to check out the Scandinavia tours on, the wide choice of ready-made programs won’t disappoint.


A period in September that lasts for two weeks is when the forests in Lapland are at their most stunning, known as Ruska. While the forests in Lapland are mostly coniferous, the firs and pines are interspersed by some hardwood trees, which leads to a beautiful combination of soft oranges, reds, and light browns that contrast with deep greens. Don’t miss Ruska and plan your trip with to see this gorgeous spectacle.

Visit Santa Claus:

If you are visiting with kids or just want to experience the magic of Christmas for yourself, Rovaniemi, the main town in Lapland, is the official hometown of Father Christmas. There are three huge Santa-themed attractions in the town including Santa Claus village, where you can see Santa’s office and the post office where the children’s letters from around the world arrive at. Santa Park is a Christmas theme park, and Jolukka offers a rural attraction where you can hang out with Santa’s elves and look after reindeer.

Levi Ice Gallery:

This is one of the biggest attractions in Lapland and it’s easy to see why; the structures are carved completed from ice and there are tons of awesome ice sculptures to check out while you enjoy a meal or a drink. You can book a room here and there are facilities that can be booked for events.

Midnight Sun:

If you want a different experience, consider visiting Lapland in the summer when you can see the Midnight Sun. While the country is often clouded with darkness in the winter, the sun is above the horizon for seventy days during the summer, especially in the north. While the sun does go down a little in the south, it doesn’t fully set.