Exotic Activities in Turkey in 2023

Located in the Eurasian block is Turkey, which is the historic gem of the East and the modern gateway to the West. This block of land surrounded by the Baltic and Caucasus countries has the absolute charm of enticing its patrons with beautiful landscapes, breathtaking architecture and rich culture that cannot be bypassed. Nature has had its own share of extravagance in Turkey that is displayed in the many incredible terrains, sandy and mountain ranges. Love at first sight awaits you in Istanbul, and love at first flight awaits you on Turkish Airline, which guarantees both your comfort and safety.

If you are visiting Turkey, your itinerary ought to have these unmissable activities that cannot be missed while you are touring through Turkey.

1. Pamukkale Thermal Pools

Image Resource: unsplash.com

Visit this place to see why it tops this list. This is the natural phenomenon of limestone-rich hot springs that beautifully get deposited in beautiful layers of turquoise pools, stalagmites and stalactites. The pools are also known for their therapeutic benefits which makes them all the more inviting to take a dip.

2. Goreme Open Air Museum

Next up, the country will leave you spellbound by the vivid landscapes that have graced the region of Cappadocia. These are the volcanic eruptions turned rock sediments that take up different and incredible structures making it a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It also serves as a pilgrimage for the Byzantine Monastic Settlement.

3. Cemberlitas Hamami Baths

These cool, relaxing and relishing bath endeavors are available for the public. This ancient method of refreshing your mind and body is one of the most iconic features of Turkish therapy. These baths are sure to leave you revived and wanting to explore more.

4. Ephesus And Its Ruins

Image Resource: en.wikipedia.org

This ancient city that is also mentioned in The Bible is one of Turkey’s monumental ruins that have stood the test of time. Rated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the ruins here include the Temple of Artemis and the Library of Celsus.

5. The City of Mardin

This ancient city on a hill slope is slowly becoming Turkey’s eye to cultural and historical heritage. The sunbaked brick complexes of houses, minarets, and fortified towers stand under the sun among the crowded lanes and streets that gleam in diversity.

6. Explore Cappadocia

The sedimented remains of the volcanic eruptions in Cappadocia at the Goreme National Park can also be viewed from up in the air. Hot air ballooning in this region gives the best views.

7. Mount Nemrut

Image Resource: en.wikipedia.org

You are not going to get tired of this amazing landmark that simply outshines every giant sculpture out there. Hike to this mountain that is home to temple shrines where the Greek Gods’ images are engraved in rocks.

8. Aqua Vega Aquarium

This is one of the largest tunnel aquariums and comes with an overhead view of all the sea creatures in their habitat just gracing you with their normal routine. This is also Europe’s largest underground aquarium.

9. The Patara Beach

How can you not visit the enticing beaches of Turkey while being there! This coastline is one of the longest spanning around 20 km for the waves to come and kiss it. Perfect honeymoon destination with white sand and the never-crowded aura. Also known as Santa Claus’s hometown.

10. Lycian Tombs

The special part of these tombs is that they are built in the rocks and their clefts by the Lycians. They are built so to facilitate their mythical winged creatures from the sky to carry the bodies in the afterlife. The rocks hold the significance of history that also runs deep with religious views.

11. Galata Bridge Cuisine

Head over to this place over the river Bosphorus and enjoy the best of cuisine with all the intricate layers of ethnicity, culture and diversity. The fish sandwich paired with pickle juice is famous on this side of the town.

12. Golden Rule for Visiting Turkey

Remember that this Gem of a land has everything to offer to you and for you to be enticed by it all is to follow the golden rule. To feel like you’ve explored Turkey to its fullest, you have to visit all the museums and get to experience Turkey’s historic charm in close quarters.