How social entrepreneurs can increase their investment impact

Investors from all over the world are doing impact investing to increase the power of capital. The results these investments can achieve are tremendous to businesses. It is considered to be an advantageous option for both emerging and developed markets. The process is taking into account investors’ building strategies. Depending on its strategic goals, investment impact should be increased to target plenty of returns from below market to a certain market rate directly. To obtain strong partnerships and advanced profits for social entrepreneurs they have to pay attention to who can easily provide the required information being beneficial for investors.

What is investment impact

Investment impact includes investments that are made to generate advantageous social and environmental impacts with the instant financial return. Increasing investment impact provides capital to overcome challenges in the following sectors:

  • renewable energy;
  • sustainable agriculture;
  • conservation;
  • microfinance;
  • healthcare; 
  • education.

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Main features of investment impact

To provide clarity in the investment impact understanding and apply further to its increase you have to establish baseline expectations.

  1. To satisfy the investor’s intentions. Investors are interested in having a positive and resulting impact in social and environmental sections.
  2. To apply to invest expectations. Purchasing a financial return or return of capital should be obviously approached as the basis for investing expectations.
  3. To range asset classes. Private equity, fixed income, cash equivalents are included in occasional asset classes.
  4. To measure the social and environmental activities. Social performance and progress of investments should be mentioned alongside ensuring transparency. 

Generally, to increase investment impact the following components have to be measured:

  • establishing social objectives appreciating investors’ targets;
  • setting standardized metrics to suggested objectives;
  • providing proper management of investees;
  • report the information on social activities to relevant investors.

Why generate investment impact

Diverse opportunities are presented with investment impact, unlike long-held views. The last options suggest that financial returns should be exclusively essential for investments in the social and environmental market. Advance social solutions cannot be guaranteed without an investment impact market offering viable strategies. These are the common types of stakeholders’ motives that are meeting the investment market.

  1. Providing client investing by financial organizations, wealth managers, pension funds.
  2. Growing social and environmental overall endowment by family and institutional foundations.
  3. Applying to proof of financial viability alongside gaining social and environmental targets by development finance institutions.

Increasing investment impact comes with searching for advanced investors from the listed spheres:

  • Religious institutions
  • Family offices
  • Individual investors
  • Insurance companies
  • Diversified banks

The current state of the investment impact market

Some of the investors have been supporting the investment impact market for decades while others appear to collaborate with the high-rating market. Investors are rather optimistic about the relatively new market and have expectations of its development and efficiency in the future. Broad progress is generally recognised regardless of the remaining challenges.


  • Type of investment matters for economic growth. Sometimes, investments fail to increase productivity if they are inefficient in improving industrial capacity.
  • Investments are essential for remaining competitive in the market in the long term. An unbalanced economy could be a result of high levels of consumption and little investments.

How investment impact is increased

The economic growth of a certain company is straightforwardly affecting the level of investment. The tricky thing is that investments are quite volatile. If businesses discover a potential improvement in economic forecasts, they will surely increase the investment impact to meet the demand in the future. The situation may occur in the way that the company will cut back on investment.

Increasing investment impact is dependent on the valuable factors:

  • economic growth changes
  • business confidence
  • government business regulations.
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