The Benefits of Switching from Pew to Church Chairs

Seating is an important but often overlooked aspect of running a church. If you want members of your congregation to stick around for your service, they have to have a comfortable place to sit. Although pew seating is the traditional choice, it’s not necessarily the best one.

There are benefits to making the switch from pews to church chairs.

Improved Comfort

Wooden pews may be the traditional choice for church seating, but they aren’t the most comfortable option. Church chairs, on the other hand, have cushioned seats and backrests to keep members comfortable throughout the service.

A variety of cushion styles and materials are available, so you can choose an option that meets your budget and the preferences of your congregation. Memory foam cushions, for example, provide support and comfort, while polyester filling is a more affordable option.

No matter which type of cushion you choose, you can be sure that your chairs will be more comfortable than wooden pews.

More Personal Space

Pews allow members of a congregation to sit close and can generally fit more people. But being too close can make some members feel uncomfortable. In today’s world where social distancing has become the norm, chairs allow guests to maintain their personal space.

Chairs can still be placed close together, but having that separation ensures that members don’t feel like their personal space is being invaded.

Chairs Can Make Pew-Like Rows

Many church chairs are designed to connect together to create pew-like rows. Members still maintain their personal space, but chairs connect to create formal rows much like a traditional church setting. This allows you to create aisles for use during service.

Chairs also allow you to create rows and seating areas in unusual places, like corners, and work around columns or other structural limitations.

A Cost-Effective Option

In a perfect world, churches wouldn’t have to worry about the cost of seating. But the reality is that churches have budgets, and they have to stick to those budgets.

While pews can be beautiful and the classic choice for sanctuaries, they can also be costly. One pew can cost thousands of dollars, and that’s not including delivery fees.

Church chairs are a cost-effective alternative. In many cases, chairs can cost $30-$50 per seat.

Easy Repair

As beautiful as they may be, pews are costly and difficult to repair. They can’t be moved easily, and they require special expertise if you want the repairs to be done properly. If the pew needs to be replaced, that can be a costly affair. If only one area of the pew is a problem, you may have to replace the entire pew to solve the problem.

Church chairs, on the other hand, are easy to repair, and you can replace them individually as needed without having to spend a small fortune.

Seating Flexibility

Another great advantage of church chairs is that they offer seating flexibility. Once pews are installed, they’re likely going to stay in their position indefinitely. Pews can be moved, but it’s a difficult and tedious process.

Church chairs provide the ultimate in flexibility. If you want to use your space for an event or some other purpose, chairs can be placed into any layout or moved out of the room entirely. If needed, they can be stacked up and stored away.

If more members show up than you expect, it’s quick and easy to pull out more chairs to make room.

Flexibility is one of the greatest advantages of making the switch from pews to church chairs.

A Wide Variety of Options

Unlike pews, chairs have a wide variety of options, including colors, styles, materials and sizes. This allows you to choose chairs that match your congregation’s style and interior space.

Having more options means that you can choose chairs that your members will love and enjoy sitting on during services and events.

Seating always has been and always will be a costly investment for churches. But chairs offer a more cost-effective alternative to traditional pews. They also offer flexibility, greater comfort and the ability for members to protect their personal space. These are some of the best reasons to make the switch from pews to church chairs today.

Have you made the switch to church chairs? Share your experience in the comments.

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