Sell Well, Do Good: new book guiding social enterprises gains international bestseller status

Sacramento, CA, July 21, 2021 – Seasoned emerging markets business experts and authors Dr. Roy Whitten and Scott Roy are pleased to announce that their new book Sell Well, Do Good: DQ Selling for Social Enterprises has become an international bestseller within just a few weeks of its release.


Since its launch on Amazon June 01 2021, Sell Well, Do Good has reached official international bestseller status, ranking Number 1 in two countries. To date the Number 1 ranks include: the non-profit management category in the USA and the same category in the UK.


Featuring 21 interviews with social entrepreneurs and funders, Sell Well, Do Good is a unique handbook on how to sell life-changing goods and services in an ethical yet highly effective manner in the emerging markets. The authors makes a compelling case for ditching the old way of selling – pitching, persuading and pressuring – and redefine selling in a way that aligns with the mission-driven values and nature of social enterprises.


Co-author Scott A. Roy says, “We’re encouraged to see that our message of how to sell life-changing goods and services in a human-centered manner that generates behavior change are resonating so well in the international social enterprise community.”


Co-author Dr. Roy W. Whitten adds, “From the feedback we’ve received so far, it’s clear that our new book comes as a real eye-opener to social entrepreneurs, start-ups and NGOs operating across emerging markets.“


Sell Well, Do Good is the companion title to last year’s international bestseller Decision Intelligence Selling, which applies the authors’ human-centric selling framework DQ Sales® to social enterprises in their work to do good for the poor in the society.


The books’ authors, Dr. Roy Whitten and Scott Roy, are the co-founders of international sales consultancy Whitten & Roy Partnership. Since 2009, their global consultant network has served leading international aid agencies, foundations and hundreds of social enterprises, thus improving the lives of tens of millions of the world’s poor – people who live at the economic “base of the pyramid.”

Published by independent publisher Niche Pressworks, Sell Well, Do Good is available on Amazon in both print (paperback $12.99, hardback $25.99) and ebook editions ($9.99).





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Whitten & Roy Partnership is an international sales consultancy that helps leading businesses and organizations transform their sales results. Founded in 2009 by Dr. W. Roy Whitten and Scott A. Roy, Whitten & Roy Partnership has delivered programs in over 40 countries with their global network of consultants.


Published in September 2020, Decision Intelligence Selling, the first book by Dr. Roy Whitten and Scott Roy, became an international bestseller on Amazon. The companion title Sell Well, Do Good, published in June 2021, applies their selling framework to social enterprises in their work to do good for society.


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