Victor Smushkevich on building a business in the online marketing world

The digital space remains to be the hope for many businesses now and in the future. The founder and CEO of Tested Media, Victor Smushkevich is a great success story to emulate. He has helped many businesses succeed online and that is why he is a voice that cannot be ignored. However, his lucrative career has not been without challenges. It calls for discipline and continuous learning to realize the kind of success he has achieved.

Victor has succeeded in building his brand through search engine optimization (SEO), which he has also trained other businesses. It all started with an online ad agency. He offered services to businesses helping them rank better in search engine results. According to Victor, SEO is at the centre of successful online brands. He began practising SEO over 12 years ago and has grown with it to what it has become today.

Realizing Success in the Online Marketing Space

 For Victor, success in the online market is multi-faceted. He has personally, alongside his team engaged in a multi-prolonged strategy towards SEO. Here are some of the key elements that define his SEO strategy:

  • Keyword distribution. Victor believes that proper online marketing will require an even distribution of keywords throughout a brand’s written content. He advises businesses to avoid clustering keywords together if they want to boost their online presence and visibility.
  • Focus on strategic keyword placement rather than word count. To build a business in the online marketing world, Victor Smushkevich advises clients to disregard word count. Instead, he asks them to consider putting the right keywords in their content in a strategic manner.
  • Use Backlinks. We probably have heard about the use of backlinks but for Victor, he has not only learnt about their use but also applied them. He helps his clients to create backlinks to their web pages. According to him, more backlinks in a web page leads to increased organic web search results.

Through Tested Media, Victor established, a backlink agency that has helped over 500 SEO agencies.

Victor has accomplished much using these strategies. Tested Media partnership with Acorns is one of his most successful engagements. He helped Acorns attain 600,000 app downloads.  This is practical evidence of what Victor has been able to do to help businesses succeed in the online marketing world.

Why SEO for Business Success?

 When your business shows up at the top from organic web search results, customers can easily find you. This boosts interactions that increase the chance of making sales. This is what SEO does and has been victor’s focus among other things. A website that is frequently visited will make more money than one that doesn’t get noticed. Earnings can be made through direct sales, affiliate links or advertising.

One of the things Victor trains businesses is on how to create a landing page.  This is a page designed to rank well in search engines. Victor Smushkevich advises businesses to create a good landing page to draw many visitors to their sites. This first gateway will encourage visitors to navigate through the entire site and bring business to them.

According to Victor, the key to success with landing pages and other SEO efforts is first to cater to search algorithms by Google. These algorithms get updated occasionally. Therefore, business owners should keep track of these changes to succeed in their online operations. Online success depends on the successful running of your site. It is not just enough to have a website.

Victor has helped his clients generate more than $100 million in revenue and more than 1 million direct phone calls through organic web traffic. To achieve this success, he highlights the importance of having evenly distributed keywords rather than placing them incoherently.  Investing in properly written content is central to these efforts and the results are evident with what Victor has been able to achieve.

What it means to Succeed Online!

 There is no shortcut to doing business online. Victor Smushkevich puts in work and pragmatic SEO techniques that help to rank websites highly. He is a renowned writer whose content has been published in HuffPost, Forbes, and Business2Community among other renowned publications in the industry!

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