DataGardener Launches its Lending Intelligence Tool, the Industry’s First Solution of its kind.

DataGardener Launches its Lending Intelligence Tool, the Industry’s First Solution of its kind.

The revolutionary tool enables easy access to trusted Commercial Lending data for optimised risk assessment and prospecting.

26th August 2021, DataGardener Limited, a leading UK provider of data-driven insights that help organisations manage risk, grow and thrive, announced the launch of its new Lending Intelligence Tool earlier this week.


Combining advanced algorithms and commercial lending data, such as: lender, types of charges, turnover, industry, region and year of charge registration data, the tool enables Underwriting and Business Development teams to uncover a world of opportunities.


Throughout the pandemic, company insolvency rates have, unsurprisingly, remained rather high. However, recently there has been a sustained monthly rise in insolvency rates, with cases up by 63% compared to June of last year. This volatile activity in the market motivated the team at DataGardener to reimagine the way companies prospect and evaluate risk in the Lending market, leading to the development of this solution.


“We know that most businesses need help now more than ever, not just to survive, but to manage and grow their operations,” said Tarun Kumar, Founder and CEO for DataGardener. “That is why we are accelerating our product innovation, to help businesses find the right opportunities, manage risk and grow faster.”


The insights offered by their Lending Intelligence Tool will help businesses formulate better business plans and make informed decisions to improve profitability. In addition, the tool helps traditional lenders, Fintechs and private players understand the companies they are prospecting in more detail to make better-informed decisions.


Unique features of the Lending Intelligence Tool include:

  • Access over 1 million Charge records
  • Enhanced search capabilities through charge-type keyword tagging
  • Filter by lender, type of charges, turnover and estimated turnover, industry, region, year of charge registration and renewal month
  • Interactive Data Visualisation 
  • Quick view of charges description on page at list view level 
  • The ability to view all the company’s key information, financials, and business details, all in the same view.  
  • Embedded intelligence and simplified workflows to address unique data requirements
  • User-friendly and intuitive – designed by Commercial finance professionals 


“With our Lending Intelligence Tool, we put the power to manage data in the user’s hands, enabling our clients to reduce time spent on data management and analysis tasks from hours to minutes,” said Mark Bennett, Commercial Director at DataGardener.” 


The release of this tool represents a new opportunity for DataGardener to continue to help address the needs of businesses today. For the first time, DataGardener will expand its offering to a specific market, with the added benefit of offering all of its Premium licence features and data to any users that adopt their Lending Intelligence Tool. 

“We believe that this product provides the Lending market with a unique opportunity to quickly and strategically optimise and streamline their prospecting and data analysing processes,” said Robert Holland, Co-Founder & Director of DataGardener “It’s our objective to place our customers on a path to more successful outcomes.”



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