Interamplify keeps pace with the surge of cryptocurrency

The international SEO platform Interamplify has announced that it is working on a hybrid payment model with cryptocurrencies for clients in 2022, joining an increasing list of global companies that are already including blockchain among their payment methods.

It is a fact that Interamplify is growing steadily. In its link building services alone, the international SEO platform, with offices in Spain and Miami, has successfully run more than 380 projects in over 40 countries for almost 70 clients in the last year. And although its expansion is on the move, the company plans to go one step further.

Interamplify has already announced that it is working on a new hybrid cryptocurrency payment method model for its clients by 2022. The platform thus joins the avalanche of large companies that are betting for further diversifying their payment options and facilitating the use of digital assets by the general public.

«Blockchain is something that is happening», said Álex Navarro, CMO of Interamplify. «Every digital business will find its moment to implement these payments in the next decade. Ours is now», he concluded.

Specifically, the platform plans to start with payments in Bitcoin. However, it also contemplates the introduction of other cryptocurrencies that, in the mid-term, could become mainstream.

To implement this type of payments, Interamplify plans to reach agreements with platforms such as, Coinbase or Binance, thus enabling cryptocurrency transactions by both customers and the company itself.

Interamplify’s management team, at the time of the decision.
The impact of cryptocurrencies: a global scenario.
It is no coincidence that analyst firms such as Gartner claim that, by 2024, 20% of global companies will have embraced blockchain. Experts agree that digital currencies offer the opportunity of making international transactions more immediately, provide access to new global clients, and represent a commitment to transparency –all of them strong incentives for international companies with a high level of digitalization.

Payment giants such as Paypal, Visa and Mastercard have already enabled cryptocurrency transactions for customers with digital assets; global foundations like Wikimedia accept donations in cryptocurrencies; large chains such as Microsoft, Starbucks or Expedia allow this type of payment, and the list goes on with those companies that are taking their first steps in a space that is still emerging, while turning up as a launch pad to the future.

Interamplify: an expanding platform
The international SEO platform Interamplify already has the global presence to position itself on that launching pad. Its services, led by managed SEO and followed by international link building, traffic optimization and other advanced strategies, are seeking an even more international repercussion with this move, and it plans to continue its expansion.
In the coming year, the company is also preparing for the incorporation of over 60 native SEO professionals in countries around the world, and will go on expanding its technology.
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