How to Tell If Your Rolex Is Fake

Rolex is one of the most popular watch brands in the world, but with this status comes the issue of people attempting to sell Rolex replicas as real. So, here are a few tips on how to look out for fake Rolexes, and how to authenticate your watch yourself.

Beware of second hand selling sites, like eBay

If you want a Rolex for a cheaper price, then eBay may be your go-to site. However, because eBay is only regulated by the users themselves, and relies on user honesty, fakes often get sold on sites like it. So, look at photos and get to know what you’re looking for.

Six ways to spot a fake Rolex

There are many ways of spotting a fake Rolex; here are a few methods to keep in mind when you’re attempting to identify a fake.

Quartz dial movements

Real Rolex watches are manufactured to be completely smooth running. However, in some fake Rolex models, the second hand will stick which means it will move a lot slower. It’s a very small detail to notice in your watch, so an easy way to tell is by listening to your Rolex. If it’s a real Rolex, you will not hear a ticking sound coming from it.

The weight of the watch

Real Rolex watches are manufactured with high-quality materials and gold, which makes the weight of the watch sometimes quite hefty. Fakes, however, use cheaper materials which means that the watch will definitely feel a lot lighter. If your watch seems just a little too light, then chances are, you could’ve been sold a fake.

Take a look at the watch winder

The winder of your watch can be found on the side and is used to move the minute and hour hands. If your Rolex is legit, it will have an extremely detailed winder, with grooves. A fake Rolex tends to have a less detailed and cheap look to its winder.

The date lens

If you look at a real Rolex, or have owned one before, then you’ll know that the cyclops lens on the dial of the watch actually magnifies the date. It’s extremely unlikely that the date will be magnified on a fake Rolex as this takes a lot of careful craftsmanship to complete.

Water resistance

Rolexes are supposed to be waterproof, real ones are made to be waterproof up to 100 metres deep. Not all fakes will be waterproof or will be able to withstand a professional water pressure test. However, it is difficult to test this yourself as even real Rolex watches can sometimes not withstand water due to their age or condition. So, it’s best not to carry out this test yourself otherwise you could end up breaking your Rolex.

Look for the micro-etching of a crown symbol

To protect the dial on a real Rolex, in 2002 they decided to start etching a crystal crown symbol onto the 6 o’clock position on the watch. If the Rolex you’re buying is manufactured after 2002, then look for this marking on the watch. However, there is a slight difficulty when it comes to viewing the symbol, as often it can only be seen with a magnifying glass and not the eye. To see the marking clearly, it may be a good idea to put the watch in natural light.

The incredible detail which has gone into adding this crown makes it difficult to copy correctly. Chances are, if you’re buying a new Rolex and it doesn’t have this symbol, then it’s probably a fake.

If you’re still unsure…

The most important part about buying a Rolex is knowing that you’re buying from a certified, and reputable seller. It’s best to buy from Rolex themselves. But if you do end up buying your watch from a different seller, and you’re unsure of whether it’s real or not, the only way to know is to take it to an authenticator. It will cost you a bit extra to get the piece authenticated, but it’s worth it to find out if what you’ve bought is real. Otherwise, it could severely impact the value of the timepiece.

Trust is extremely important for those of you who are wanting to spend a lot of money investing in a classic accessory. Nobody wants to spend their money on a fake wristwatch, so eliminate the risk; buy from a trusted seller and look for the six key telltale signs above.

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