How to improve my PC performance? Revolutionary method (2021)

Improving PC performance is a very easy task that many people not know about. It is a very simple procedure, that if you know all the necessary information and the tools, you will have at your disposal, you will be able to make your PC as good as new in a fast and practical way. If you want to learn more about this revolutionary method, keep reading this article.

Let’s talk about: Xtra-PC

Xtra-PC is a flash drive that you insert into an available USB port on your PC. Since it runs on a USB flash drive, your existing computer is not modified and you will have access to all your old files.  Plug it in, reboot your PC to boot to USB and start using Xtra-PC because is easy to use.

Xtra-PC functions

Xtra-PC devices have many functions, among which we can mention: Save money, compatibility on different operating systems, computers without a hard disk, easy to set up and use and keep all your files safe.

  • Save money: Instead of spending a lot of money on a new computer, upgrade your existing one with the Xtra-PC device.
  • Compatibility on different operating systems: No matter if you have MAC or Windows. Xtra-PC will replace the slow operating system with Linux in seconds, turning it into a like-new and optimized computer.
  • Computers without a hard disk: Even if you do not have a hard disk or the one you have is damaged, the Xtra-PC device will work as well, without failures. This is possible thanks to its large external storage capacity.
  • Easy to set up and use: Installing the Xtra-PC program is as easy as clicking on a pop-up window to allow the new and fast operating system to start. You do not need to have extensive knowledge of operating system installation.
  • Keep all your files: All Xtra-PC will do is replace the slow operating system with a fully optimized one, but it will not modify or delete any of your valuable files.

Also, Xtra-PC already includes necessary applications, such as: document reader and creation, spreadsheets, web browser, e-mail, video players, music, images and much more.

Why buy Xtra-PC?

Purchasing the Xtra-PC optimization and upgrade system will greatly improve your life and the life of your computer. Like many things that ( tells us this investment will be very beneficial for you, because:

  • It has an economic priced compared to a new computer.
  • Improve the performance of your slow computer in seconds.
  • It will not change or delete your personal files.
  • It is compatible with different operating systems, even older ones.
  • Even if the hard drive is damaged, this device will still work thanks to its large storage capacity.

Likewise, if the computer has had a virus, it will not affect the proper functioning of the device at all.

In conclusion, we have seen that the best option to put your old computer to work as a new one is Xtra-PC. Besides, since it works as a USB device, you can do a quick and safe boot more than one computer. In Gatopy you will find all kinds of devices that will improve your health, productivity and many other things, discover them!

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