A brief introduction to Moowy

The DIY principle: MOOWY is convinced that anyone can create and maintain a healthy lawn themselves. Dense, lush green, healthy and free of moss and weeds – that’s how every garden owner imagines their lawn. At the same time, the lawn should also be able to withstand playing pets, romping children and the odd garden party. So much green beauty and resistance is often associated with a high expenditure of time. But only a few steps with the right products are necessary to maintain the dream in green. MOOWY’s vision is to provide beginners and advanced hobby gardeners with detailed instructions and high quality and organic products to help beginners and advanced hobby gardeners achieve a beautiful lawn. The Dutch company MOOWY has been delighting its local, Belgian, German and British customers for several years. The company was founded in 20xx by brothers Louis and Robert. They combine their individual passions for lawns and business, helping gardeners to achieve a healthy and lush lawn.

MOOWY’s products will also be available for the Uk market through the webshop https://www.moowy.co.uk.

The focus of the new website is the structure, which guides lawn care newcomers quickly to the right product. In addition to individual products, sets are also available. These consist of two to four products that are geared to a specific goal, such as autumn care
lawn renovation or moss removal. Newcomers thus save research time to find the right product combinations. MOOWY’s focuses on organic lawn care products, MOOWY’s also relies on easy-to-understand instructions. Weekly blog articles and newsletters about seeding, mowing, maintaining and maintenance and repair of lawns also help readers to delve even deeper into lawn care. The free lawn care calendar and the 23-page

lawn care handbook, which can also be downloaded free of charge, round out MOOWY’s expert tips and quickly turn inexperienced amateur gardeners into lawn professionals. MOOWY’s lawn seeds and fertilizers are organic and therefore absolutely safe for children and pets. MOOWY thus covers an important area of organic lawn care products. Each product page contains an explicit listing of all ingredients or lawn seed mixtures. So much transparency builds, along with fast delivery times, builds trust. This is evident in the ever greener and healthier lawns in the United Kingdom, which can be attributed to MOOWY’s chemical-free products. In addition to lawn seeds and fertilisers, MOOWY also offers robust garden accessories that not only protect the gardener, but also simplify gardening. To ensure that lawn care remains as ecological as possible, MOOWY provides tips for watering, aerating and scarifying the lawn. The company’s growing success is built on MOOWY’s four basic principles: Expert knowledge, which is always passed on to the customer, which is quality over quantity, which is ensured by the products developed, manufactured and fast and uncomplicated product search, which allows customers to easily find the right products and receive them within two days, as well as individual support, which is available daily by phone and e-mail. In addition to organic ingredients, the products also focus on long-lasting results. Inorganic products may have a quick effect, but they wear off just as quickly and damage the lawn. MOOWY’s organic fertilisers, on the other hand, strengthens the lawn with long-lasting

high-quality and ideally balanced nutrients. The lawn seed mixtures are also
of a maximum of four different lawn varieties, which after about 14 days produce a dense and lush green grass

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