FC Barcelona tickets on Football Host

FC Barcelona tickets on Football Host 

Football is a sport that arouses the emotions of many fans around the world. The passion for football crosses borders and does not understand countries, languages ​​or cultures. 
Football Host a platform that seeks to improve the football experience. The basic purpose is to connect fans from all over the world (guests) with local fans (host) to live a complete experience match, join in the traditional chants and fan rituals and immerse themselves in the atmosphere.
Football Host allows you to enjoy an unforgettable day at the Camp Nou watching a FC Barcelona match. The host is in charge of organizing the pre-match and post-match experience for the guest. The guest will be able to live the experience of going to the stadium with other fans and ending up celebrating victory in the most emblematic places.

How to buy FC Barcelona tickets on the Football Host platform?

To buy FC Barcelona tickets, the first step is to access the Football Host platform. The main page shows a central window where the process will take place. The window is divided into two sections, one with a search engine for teams and the other for cities. Once the name of the team or city is entered, a start date and an end date are established. This will be the time range that the platform will use to find tickets, in this case, FC Barcelona tickets.
If the search is successful, it will show Barcelona’s upcoming matches in a box with several segments. Each of them refers to the match, date, competition, stadium, available experiences and available tickets. Thus, the platform offers two purchase options: buy the experience with a host (which will also include the tickets) or buy only the tickets for the match. Also, on the FC Barcelona tickets and experiences page, you can also check how to get to Camp Nou.

What to do if the status is “On request”?

When this notice appears, it means that there is not yet an experience or tickets available for the selected day. However, the platform has enabled a form to get tickets on request. In it, you must indicate the name, email and a short and concise message about the number of tickets or additional information.

Particularities of becoming a host

From its own perspective, Football Host is a platform that allows football fans to live great experiences. To become a host, all you have to do is register in the Become a Host section and then upload the experience.
During the registration process, every detail of the pre-match, match and post-match must be added. In case the platform considers that it is suitable and that it complies with its policies, the host is published on the page. Once the experience is published, for any barça fan that wants to buy FC Barcelona tickets the host will provide them together with the experience.
In addition to the tickets, the service of the host is added, who will be the guide during the experience. This person will be in charge of offering or recreating exactly the experience uploaded to the platform.
Fooball Host allows you to choose any game and promises the user to live a unique experience thanks to the host network.

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