Pay While You Chat With WhatsApp, Shiba Inu Up 100%, HUH Token’s 100s Of Influencers

The cryptocurrency world is moving forward and even when we thought technology couldn’t go any further, it seems to be implementing itself more and more into our daily lives… though this might not be a bad thing.

Technology enables us to move quicker, contact one another who are miles apart and all this has been possible since the early nineties and longer.

It seems, then, that it would only be a matter of time until we were able to converse and exchange money in the same instance, with the likes of WhatsApp and Meta. That Shiba Inu gains over 100% in a matter of hours and therefore the value of SHIB increased exponentially for Shiba Inu holders and HUH Token have supposedly amassed hundreds of influencers that believe in HUH Tokens project.

So, what does all of this mean in the modern world and should you be exchanging money over the wire, or buying into Shiba Inu and listening to the influencers in love with HUH Token?

Let’s take a look…

 Pay While You Chat

Though the idea of paying while you chat seems altogether like it belongs in a Star Trek episode, it has now been trialed by WhatsApp, a Meta subsidiary, and it seems to have split opinion across the board.

In fact, some people have argued that such a process shouldn’t be trusted as Facebook (Meta) has proven countless times before that their products aren’t always to be trusted… however with the revamp of their product and brand, can users of anything and everything Meta expect to see a change in morals and ethics as well?

It appears that this could be the case, in fact, it seems that being able to chat and pay through WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption is actually favoured amongst many as it makes the process of transactions faster than ever before.

Though the pilot scheme is only currently available to a couple of users in the United States, though the larger rollout of the scheme could be seen in the coming months, all going well.

If this is something you’d be interested in, why not check out other articles on WhatsApps pay while you chat infancy and who else has opinions on Facebook’s move to Meta.

The Wonder-Dog-Faced Coin

It seems, that despite a rigid month with seemingly little growth, Shiba Inu has been swinging high with a 100% increase and further Whales buying up SHIB.

This significant increase not only demonstrates that 2022 could be the year of Shiba Inu, but that the team behind the dog-faced meme coin made the correct steps in its December 2021 SHIB burn to enter the Metaverse… so much so, that some experts speculate that Shiba Inu could be leaving its iconic state of being a meme cryptocurrency and take its rightful place among other, more serious, cryptocurrencies.

Though this could be some time off, enough time in fact, for you to potentially become a SHIB holder before the value skyrockets.

You can check out Shiba Inu on the likes of PancakeSwap, UniSwap, and others before deciding to buy or not to buy.

Influencers, HUH?

HUH Token appears to be making all the right moves after an amazing first month on the cryptocurrency market, with a $4M worth burn, an increase of holders to over 15,000, a 100% bounce back rate, and more… though it seems that HUH Token isn’t intent on slowing down anytime soon as they launch on UniSwap on the 6th of January and launching with hundreds of influencers on the 19th of January.

Could this be HUH Token making further moves towards their MetHUH dreams and by having influencers believe in HUH Tokens project it could see the cryptocurrency gain in further value.

After all, HUH Token knows the value of influence and how you can benefit from it.

HUH Token is taking large steps towards becoming the best utimeme on the cryptocurrency market and you could be along for the ride as HUH Tokens influence grows and adds in value… and therefore value for you too.

HUH Token is also putting on a $60K competition, but you have to be in it to win it…

So, if you’re looking to become a holder of HUH Token you can check them out through the links below.


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