The Opening of Luma Arles – A Proud Moment for Rimex Metals


Looking back on the past year, Rimex Metals Group, a global manufacturer of specialised metal finishes, ranks its work with the world-renowned architect Frank Gehry on the Luma Arles Arts Centre, high on its list of accomplishments. The centrepiece of the arts centre is a tower clad with 11,000 irregularly arranged stainless steel panels manufactured by Rimex Metals, a company internationally recognised as a leader in its field of expertise.

According to Gehry, the faceted design is very intentional and is a tribute to Arles’s one-time local artist, Vincent van Gogh, specifically to his evocations of light in ‘Starry Night’, which was painted nearby. The epitome of deconstructivism, the tower manifests irregular geometry, fragmentation and a sense of movement at its finest.

The stainless steel panels are AISI 316 grade 1mm OneTex®️ Linen BA Stainless Steel, manufactured at Rimex’s factory in Enfield, North London.

Rimex Group Sales Director, Nick Barnes, commented: “316 Grade stainless steel is specified for external use due to its high corrosion resistance and lifespan benefits and also because it is 100% recyclable and therefore benefits the circular economy. Having extracted the maximum value from the material while in use, it can then be recovered and regenerated at the end of each service life without detriment to its integrity. Rimex Metals is committed to the highest quality standards with continued investment in best manufacturing practices and sustainable product development. We are extremely proud to have worked with Frank Gehry on this iconic building.”

A total of 240 tonnes of stainless steel was used in the construction of the 56-metre high Luma Arles arts tower, with 84% of it being from recycled content and other, newly introduced, ores and minerals make up the remaining 16%. Each of the 11,000 irregularly arranged stainless steel panels was individually distorted to aid light reflection, picking up the character of the surrounding environment as it changes throughout the day. On a sunny day, the tower reflects the blue of the sky and the gold of the sun, turning pinkish at twilight, darkening into indigo at sunset and then a black silhouette at night.

Rimex Metals looks forward to 2022 with the anticipation of supplying its stainless steel products for both external and internal use on many more projects throughout the world.

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