Riyadh to Manila

The heart of the archeologically rich country in the Philippines is Manila. The capital attracts thousands of visitors every year, especially in winters. The reason why Manila fascinates international visitors lies in its architectural heritage and beautiful landscapes. Modern minarets, ancient museums, and skyscrapers add to the fascination along with blended gleam night scenes. The best thing is the attached island to spice up your tour to this capital city.

If you are planning winter tourism to manila then rest assured this guide is for you. So hold your back and confirm your ticket from Riyadh to Manila because this guide will prove to be a milestone in your tourism journey to Manila. Though visitors cross this city throughout the year but still summers are not considered to be the ideal time to locate the destinations around because of scorching heat. Winter and dry season from November to April is the best and optimum season to visit Manila. But if you plan in December then the thrill will be doubled. So if you visit this remarkable and enjoyable city in winter then below is the guide to what to look for.

Rizal Park

Centered on Roxas Boulevard this park is situated right in the middle of the city. Having remarkable ancient markings and the fuss around, this park has become the main visiting sport for city residents and international visitors. This park has some of the largest open stadiums and is called the largest park in Asia. Rizal Park is named after the famous Philippine national hero Jose Rizal.

Cathedral of Manila

The ancient museum speaks of its history itself and showcases the rebuilding projects done on it.  Considered as the most recent version of a long-standing form of churches, Manila Cathedral plays a vital role in the religious lives of people. Here every year thousands of people visit. Located in the proximity of an ancient walled city this church holds the “must-visit” rank in every visitor’s checklist.

San Agustin Church

Located in the proximity of the ancient city,  Manila San Agustin church is just beside the Cathedral of manila. The ancient catholic style built church has a long history to tell and people visit this place with great interest. One of the oldest church stone churches built in the history of the Philippines. However, several wars and earthquakes damaged the buildings to their core and still, it holds the ancient ambiances and attractions for international visitors. Worldwide archeologists visit these old treasures of Manila and find them as masterpieces.

Casa manila

The famous walled city of Manila is surrounded by streets that depict the magnificent and ancient sensations to visitors. A similar site is casa manila built of wood and stone. This place holds the retro and historical niche delivering ancient Spanish architectural designs. Built around 1850 this masterpiece and compelling art of wood and stone.

National museum

This is the museum of Anthropology that has historical ethnologically and archeologically preserved items. Through several exhibitions and art functions, these pieces are exhibited for the public. Natural and ancient pieces of archeology are preserved here and many lab works are done. If you are visiting Manila this summer then look no further than this significant place in the first place.

Robinsons place mall

Every tourist is a shopaholic too. That’s why we are suggesting you visit the giant and charming Robinson’s place mall. From grocery to branded items you will be delivered with every needed item here. Tourists visit this place because of the fun and creative activities inside the mall.

The bay of Manila

No adventure is completed without visiting the bayside of Manila. The boat restaurants and boat tours and water sports are some recreational activities that attract visitors. You can take adventurous transports to the bay and enjoy the nightlife at the bayside of Manila. For fun outdoor activities and to visit the new side of ancient city manila the bay is the perfect place to take a stroll down the lanes. The bay of manila holds a remarkable place in the business activities of the Philippines and this bay connects the island country with many other neighbors.

 The Intramuros

The walled ancient city with Spanish remains was built at the side of river Pagis. This site is built around tall pillars, 55 blocks, and 66 hectares of area. Inside these walls, ancient remarks and the city’s remains speak great about history and archeology. This is one of the most visited historical remains in Manila, which is a well-structured fortress city. Currently, this is the only preserved old city of Manila keeping its Spanish era looks intact to date. This is the reason why it has become the most visited area of Manila by visitors. Cabled streets, spacious roads, and modern cafes demand tourists to stay there while visiting Manila in winter.

Divisoria Market

The largest, ancient, crowded, and most chaotic market of Manila city is Divisoria market. Located in the middle of Chinatown of Manila, this market has every range and type of shop inside. Although the market is known for its wholesaling and retail shopping features where people buy things in bulk. Visitors shop at this market to taste the exotic and traditional Philippine experience here. However, for the fancy and branded shopping, Manila does have large air-conditioned malls as well.

Manila Ocean Park

More than usual dolphin shows Manila ocean mall has much more to offer its visitors. The park is open throughout the year and people of every age can visit this place. The famous sea creature shows and exhibitions make people visit this masterpiece every now and then. Do you want to slip on a mermaid suit? This is the place to go. You would like to see some seaside birds and deep ocean creatures like sea bears and penguins? Do not miss the chance of visiting this gigantic ocean park while visiting Manila. Don’t forget to stick around for a night show as well if you buy an all-inclusive ticket for the park.