How to Grow a Brand on Instagram [5 Proven Strategies]

How to Grow a Brand on Instagram [5 Proven Strategies]

Instagram is a global platform that can help grow your brand awareness and increase sales. It is excellent to showcase your new products and promote your brand in a friendly, authentic, and trustable way to your potential customers. 

However, building a powerful brand on Instagram doesn’t come easily. It takes time and needs strategy and determination to succeed. Anyway, nothing is impossible, so you can do it and join the wagon of successful marketers on the platform. And we are here to help you in this venture. If you want to learn how to grow a brand on Instagram, reaching your potential customers from every corner of the world, this post is for you. Therefore, continue reading for five proven strategies that will help grow your brand on Instagram.   

1. Create an Instagram Business Account 

To begin with, switch to an Instagram business account. Doing so will provide you with lots of great tools like Instagram insights, shoppable posts, Instagram ads, swipe-up features, and more. 

After setting up your Instagram business account, you should optimize your Instagram bio to generate a better brand image. Instagram allows you to use a maximum of 150 characters to introduce your business, plus an external hyperlink to your website or landing page. Additionally, you can spice up your bio by adding emojis. And more importantly, add branded hashtags to promote your business further. Also, remember to include essential contact information (like address, phone number, email) to give more credibility to your IG account. 

2. Use an Instagram Growth Service 

Growing a large following on Instagram is time-consuming and difficult. That is why many businesses rely on an Instagram growth service to connect with highly targeted and engaged followers organically and instantly. AiGrow is one of the best and most reliable Instagram growth management tools on the market that gets the attention of your target audience, encourages them to visit your Instagram page, and finally converts them to followers. In this way, you can immediately gain many real followers who are very interested and engaged in your Instagram page. 

But that’s not all. In addition to increasing your followers in no time, AiGrow will provide you with lots of other essential features you need to leverage Instagram more professionally to promote your brand. Here are some of its key features: 

  • It allows you to schedule Instagram posts more consistently to increase your engagement rate. 
  • Through AiGrow’s Instagram DM marketing tool, you can send direct messages to your current followers to build more solid relations with them. 
  • Furthermore, AiGrow provides you with an Instagram giveaway picker so that you can determine the final winners of your contests or giveaways quickly and fairly. This article from SocialPros explains in detail how to automate giveaways with an Instagram giveaway picker.
  • It provides you with analytical and hashtag-generating tools.
  • Using the service, you can work with a dedicated account manager and have powerful 24/7 customer support.  

3. Partner with the Right Influencer

Influencer marketing is the best way to grow your brand on Instagram. To raise brand awareness, you can collaborate with the right influencers in various marketing activities, like contests, reviews, or referral programs.

However, for running effective and successful influencer marketing campaigns, you have to choose an influencer who matches your target audience and brand values. Additionally, you should analyze their engagement rate, content quality, reputation, and their overall qualification for representing your brand in a positive light.  

Sounds complicated, huh? Don’t worry; you are not alone. Most marketers agree that finding the right influencer, measuring a campaign’s performance, and negotiating fee terms are among the most significant challenges in this process.  

Different influencer marketing companies and influencer discovery platforms have come into play to solve this problem. An Influencer marketing platform offers a more direct way for brands to connect and work with influencers. The best option in this case is Ainfluencer, the first DIY influencer marketplace and an alternative to relying on an influencer marketing agency. where brand and Instagram influencers can connect and collaborate. After joining the Ainfluencer platform for free, you can search through verified candidates to find your ideal influencer. Moreover, you can start communicating directly with them and track their performance within the platform to ensure the best results.  

4. Develop a Content Strategy

Instagram is a visual platform, so your visual content needs to be cohesive and compelling. Giving your brand a unique style will help it stand out. If you want to grow your brand on Instagram, focus on creating content that tells a fantastic story, engages your audience, or is worthwhile to share. Meanwhile, do not underestimate the power of captions in keeping your audience active and interested on your page. You can also use Instagram stories to build more meaningful connections with your followers. 

The most important part of having a successful content strategy on Instagram is to post regularly and consistently. Therefore, you need a posting schedule to stay on top of your followers’ minds. When you have a consistent program for sharing your posts, your followers will look forward to them as they expect to see fresh content from you at certain times. 

Also, remember to include relevant, branded, and industry-related hashtags in your content to let more interested people find you on the app. Using hashtags strategically and correctly in your content allows you to expand your audience and bring more online visibility to your brand.

5. Measure Your Performance 

If you want to grow a brand on Instagram, you should constantly monitor your marketing efforts to learn what is working and what is not. Instagram analytics tools provide you with valuable insights to improve your performance and refine your marketing strategies accordingly. 

In promoting a brand on Instagram, you should pay close attention to the following metrics: 

  • Follower growth rate. Your follower count can tell you how effective your Instagram marketing is at reaching new people or catching their attention.
  • Impressions. This metric refers to the number of people who saw your branded post. Analyzing this KPI can help you evaluate how well you promote your content on Instagram. 
  • Engagement rate.  
  • Click-throughs from the bio link. Based on this metric, you can see how interested your followers are in your brand or the products and services you offer. 
  • Instagram Story views. 
  • Post saves. It allows you to know which content resonates better with your audience. 


Instagram is an increasingly important marketing channel for brands of all sizes and types. Hence, we talked about five proven strategies to help you grow a brand on Instagram. If you want to save a lot of time and money in your marketing efforts, we strongly recommend you put them into practice and track your results. Instagram is a great platform to grow your brand but not be afraid to try a variety of other social media channels to figure out what works best for your business.