Attic Maintenance Tips for New Homeowners

Every house has a roof. It’s an integral part of every building, yet it is often taken for granted. The roof keeps us safe from the elements while the attic preserves a comfortable temperature throughout the home.

Many people very rarely go up into their attics, but it’s important to check on it and make sure that it is well maintained. The attic ages just like the rest of the house. Neglecting it may leave you with damages that only get worse with time.

Not sure where to start? Here are 5 things every homeowner should do to maintain their attic.

  1. Protect the Attic from Wildlife

Raccoons and squirrels can do a serious amount of damage. Both like to break into attics during winter and the mating season. Raccoons will break roof vents or push their way through the soffits, while squirrels usually chew their way through. These holes in the roof bring in moisture, which will cause mold and ruin the insulation. Animal droppings are also a major health hazard.

Raccoon problems in Markham can be prevented with a few small investments. All it takes is to cover roof vents and other known entry points, like soffit intersections, with a pest-proof mesh. A quarter inch mesh mad of galvanized steel works best. Contact a wildlife removal company near you and ask for an inspection. The investment will go a long way.

  1. Maintain the Roof Vents

Inspect the attic every year or so. Look for signs of wildlife and damage to the insulation. Then, make sure that your roof vents and soffit vents are in good shape. Vents should always be free of blockages and debris to let the air flow freely. Proper air flow will prevent condensation, which prevents mold and preserves the attic’s insulation.

  1. Invest in Good Insulation

Are your heating bills too expensive? Do you find that the house doesn’t warm up no matter how high you crank the thermostat? Your insulation may be insufficient.

Good, modern insulation maintains the temperature of the home, saving you money on heating and cooling. It also helps to maintain the roof because it prevents heat from building up in the attic and damaging the shingles above.

If you’re not sure about your insulation, contact a local attic insulation company for an inspection. A technician can service your attic for you and provide you with recommendations.

  1. Keep the Attic Clean

The attic can be a great spot for storage. Just make sure that you don’t store anything edible, such as edible Christmas decorations or Halloween candy. Food will attract mice into the attic, where they will dirty the insulation with feces. Keep the attic clean and shut off from the rest of the home.

  1. Empty the Gutters Every Year

Cleaning the gutters is a bit of hassle, but it can save you thousands of dollars in damages. Blocked gutters will fail to let rainwater flow off the roof, which may cause flooding into the basement and damage to the home’s exterior. Gutters that are stuffed full with leaves might even attract squirrels into the attic.

Schedule yourself an afternoon every fall to clean out the gutters. Simply scoop the leaves and debris into a bucket, then run a garden hose through the gutters to make sure that they work properly. Hire a professional if you can’t reach them safely.

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