Convosphere’s CEO Jackie Cuyvers Named Pioneer in the Inaugural Social Intelligence Insider 50

London, February 11th 2022. The co-founder and CEO of Convosphere, Jackie Cuyvers, has been selected as one of the pioneers and leading social intelligence professionals in the Social Intelligence Insider 50 program. 

Organised by The Social Intelligence Lab and Linkfluence, the Social Intelligence Insider 50 is a new annual program that recognises the work of those who analyse social data to support business decision making. The list is chosen by a panel of industry experts.

A thought leader in pharma and life sciences social intelligence, Jackie Cuyvers has been in the social insights industry for over 15 years. As the co-founder and CEO of Convosphere, which delivers social intelligence insights in over 100 languages, she has a long history of not only developing and delivering strategic insights but also helping to equip others with the skillset.

During her career, Cuyvers has actively contributed to the thriving community within the insights industry. As an experienced public speaker, she has led educational sessions at key industry conferences, including SXSW Interactive, where she hosted the first-ever Social Listening Meetup at SXSW. Additionally, in 2017 and again in 2021, her company was recognised as a leader in innovation and selected by the UKTI to represent the UK as one of 10 “Best of British” Businesses at SXSW Interactive.

Jackie Cuyvers said: “I am honoured to be recognised as a pioneer in the Social Intelligence Insider 50. The first list of its kind, it illuminates how far the social insights industry has advanced over the last decade. This industry has been built from expertise from Digital Marketing, Market Research and Consumer Behaviour to become a field of its own – one that I am proud to be a part of. I look forward to following industry developments and continuing to spearhead new social intelligence methodologies and education while furthering global research innovations with my dynamic team.”

Dr Jillian Ney, founder of The Social Intelligence Lab and the organiser of Social Intelligence Insider 50, said: “We are delighted to have launched the Social Intelligence Insider 50 to celebrate the work and achievements of social data analysis professionals globally. Throughout the pandemic, social data has played an important role in understanding changes in consumer and market behaviour. There are many professionals who now work in the professional practice of social intelligence, but there is a lack of professional support and community for these individuals. The Social Intelligence Insider 50 is our first step to recognising the professional practice of social intelligence and celebrating the work and leadership of professionals influencing the development of this discipline. Social intelligence is a job of the future but there is little known about the profession. We aim to change that by building a professional community.”

About Convosphere

As a social-first insights agency, Convosphere recognises that the value of global social listening lies in the impact data-driven decisions can make – and the cultural relevance required to make them actionable. Through hands-on human-led social data analysis across 100+ languages, and with offices around the world, we have unprecedented data access into hard-to-reach markets where we can deliver deep consumer insights that bring our global clients closer to local audiences. We can deliver a little or a lot according to our client’s business needs, from running global social listening projects to providing strategic recommendations across multiple markets, channels or platforms, including owned social platform analytics and additional datasets to put social conversations in context.

The Social Intelligence Lab

The Social Intelligence Lab is a membership organisation for professionals leading social listening teams in the world’s leading brands and agencies. We help organisations to get better insights from social data by building a professional discipline for social intelligence and providing support and community for the professionals leading the development of social listening programmes. (website:


Social Intelligence Insider 50

The Social Intelligence Lab is tracking the rise of professionals analysing and using social data to support business decision-making. The Social Intelligence Insider 50 is the first curated list of social listening professionals globally. In the inaugural year, the social intelligence insider 50 list was sponsored by Linkfluence.  (website:



Linkfluence combines an AI-Enabled Consumer Intelligence platform with human expertise in market research, data science, and vertical industries to deliver actionable insights for global brands. Founded in 2006, they were acquired by Meltwater in 2021, a leading global provider of media intelligence and social analytics solutions with a global network of 50 offices in 25 countries and 28,000 customers. (website:

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