Athstat Releases Upgraded Version of its Sports Analytics Platform

Athstat, a sports analytics and data management company based in Boston, Massachusetts, today announced the release of version 2.0 of its platform. The newly released version includes enhanced analytical tools for sports analysts, data sharing capabilities across entire teams, as well as AI-powered predictive modeling capabilities. The platform now also includes Athstat U, allowing teams to access multiple world-class online training programs for platform users who want to master their sports analytics skills.
Since its launch in January 2021, the team at Athstat has continued to canvas customers and users of the platform to add features and capabilities based on their feedback. One clear gap identified was the ability to collect data from multiple sources into a single platform–be it GPS data, video metadata, strength and conditioning data, weather data and more. Athstat v2.0 has solved that gap through its Data Sharing and Athstat Analytics modules, which allow teams to pipe in data to a central Big Data location, and share that data across the team.
“We wanted to provide a consolidated analytical solution to help our customers improve performance and make data-driven decisions,” said Athstat COO and co-founder, Kisset Chirengende. “Athstat v2.0 provides both the analytical and data management features that will allow them to do this at a cost-effective price.”

Athstat’s current customer base includes a range of amateur and professional teams, as well as schools and academies.

Athstat Platform Details

Athstat is a cloud-based data management and analytics platform that allows sports analysts, coaches and players to store and analyze all their data in one place. The company includes seasoned data scientists and analysts to support customers’ analytical needs. The platform includes four core modules:

Athstat Analytics: Easy-to-use Big Data tools that allow all levels of analysts to quickly ingest and analyze data. Upload data either through the user interface or by connection through our API Hub to multiple different sources, and quickly make data-driven decisions.

Athstat Pitchside: Create seasons, games and manage rosters using a web app. Input data during the game, take notes and keep track of scores.

Data Sharing: Share artifacts with players and analysts using our workflow platform, keep a catalog of analytical artifacts and collect data on each player over time.

Athstat U: Create custom training for your team and allow team members to access world-class analytical training, coding and visualization training. Up-skill players and analysts for life after the game.

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