Why the New-Worlds NFT project might be the first of its kind

The year has just started and we have already seen many great companies launching NFTs successfully. Yet, the New-Worlds NFT project might be the first of its kind and will introduce a new trend in the NFT space. The project is waiting in the wings, ready to present their 122 unique hand-designed Seekers and their Alien Friends on February 22nd, 2022.

Now, you are probably wondering why this project is so different from what we have seen so far. Well, let’s start with the number of only 122 NFTs releasing. Normally, most projects will launch thousands of NFTs, but it should not be like this with New-Worlds. We can see clearly that the founders of New-Worlds focus on quality instead of quantity in their project. This is essential to ensure that each holder has the best experience possible at the Creative Academy and Creative Agency. Only holders will get exclusive access to the utilities of the project, like e-books, podcasts, live coaching, feedback sessions, NFT and design trainings, photography and videography workshops. The main goal here is to help creative people, business owners, entrepreneurs and creators to develop, grow and meet their ambitions. 

However, such a sophisticated concept of an NFT project is also to be expected from PicardMedia, the marketing agency behind New-Worlds. On board of the team you will find award winning musicians and filmmakers, published graphic designers and photographers as well as well-known TV-coaches. They will all share their expertise with you to accompany your business into a new world.

Another reason that makes this project so unique is the possibility to hold one-on-one meetings directly with the founders of New-Worlds via Zoom. They will take the time for each individual to present the project in its smallest details and also to answer any questions. All you have to do is submit your contact details on the website and an appointment will be made promptly. 

Well, curious now? If you want to know more about the project, here is the link to the official website https://new-worlds.io/.

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