Gaming in Australia is real!

It’s no secret that most people spend all their free time on the Internet, especially after a difficult working day. There is a lot of entertainment on the Internet, but in recent years gambling has taken a leading position. Now they have become an integral part of the lives of ordinary people. Why do they attract people so much on the Internet? In our opinion, the main reason is that people do not know the result in advance and rely on their luck, while the adrenaline in the blood increases especially in exciting moments when fate is being decided.

Gambling is popular all over the world, but one region stands out the most in terms of players’ indicators – Australia! Australian residents do not spare any money or time to play slot machines online, because this is what pleases them and helps them relax after a difficult day. The region of Australia brings huge sums to online casinos every year, so many companies are always happy to have their Australian audience. 

What does Australian law have to do with gambling and all this activity? Let’s be honest with you, Australian law does not approve of gambling, referring to the fact that it harms people and their health. There have even been attempts by the state to ban gambling, as was done in India, for example. But their attempts were not crowned with success: people began to go to rallies and strike. The state had to make concessions, allowing Australians to play, but banning providers from Australia.

Well, Australians have achieved the opportunity to gamble, but now we can please you with the latest innovations in the field of online casinos!

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Increase in the number of players due to COVID-19

With the advent of Covid-19, the lives of all people on the planet have changed a lot, because, at the beginning of 2020, panic seized all people because of such a huge percentage of infection and mortality. It was decided to transfer all people to quarantine. This meant that all people’s work and leisure also went online or were completely closed.

In such a difficult time, people were going crazy from idleness and job loss and they had no choice but to spend all their free time on the Internet. In turn, this has contributed to an increase in people who resort to the Internet for online casino games. According to statistics from 2020 to today, the average spending of Australian residents on gambling per week has increased by 300% compared to the time when the virus has not yet terrorized the entire planet!

Casino owners say that the reason for this growth was mainly a surge in the activity of online gamblers, who before the pandemic could visit land-based casinos, bars, clubs, etc. more often.

The human rights group says that large-scale reforms are needed to curb the influence of corporations in Australian politics.

Recently, the Human Rights Law Center of Australia published a new report in which it emphasized that gambling is one of the reasons why democracy is collapsing in the country. The report presented companies that are dealing with the issue of full legalization of casinos in Australia.

The Human Rights Law Center says that large-scale reforms of campaign finance and lobbying laws are needed to put an end to the influence of corporations on Australian politics, which would be considered illegal and corrupt abroad. The report was published under the chapter “Sale”, where HRC claims that gambling, along with fossil fuels and tobacco products, is a threat to democracy through political donations, lobbying, and public attacks.

In turn, the Law Center calls for an increase in the “Transparency” of political donations and a ban on donations worth more than 6,000 Australian dollars. 

Tasmania is the state where slots reign

Tasmania Island is an amazing place. Many Australians are proud of the island, and tourists like to visit it. But few people know that Tasmania is the first place where the first slot machines appeared in Australia. This greatest event happened in 1973!

Now, undoubtedly, Tasmania is a place where slot machines can be on every corner thanks to foreign suppliers. People spare neither money nor time to play slots, the number of which is unlimited! For such a love of slot machines, the island was nicknamed “the place where slots rule”.

The new law will be directed against the monopoly on gambling licenses in Tasmania, which belongs to one company – Federal Group. The liberal state government claims that the law will bring an additional $8.5 million a year in state revenue for basic services, and public needs at the expense of the Federal Group.

But critics say the bill to amend gambling regulation is a missed opportunity for reform in a state where gambling has long dominated and has one of the highest levels of gambling damage. Tasmanians lose an average of $15.5 million a month due to poker machines.

Gaming giant Crown Rejects $8.5 Billion Takeover Offer but Leaves Doors Open for New Offers

The news feeds of Australia are boiling – the gaming giant of Australia Crown Resorts has rejected a takeover offer made to him in the amount of almost 9 billion Australian dollars, which was made by the well-known global investment company Blackstone. At the same time, according to sources, he left “his door” open to receive a higher offer.

Despite the rejection of Blackstone’s latest offer, the managers and owners of Crown decided to provide the investment company with access to classified information. Based on this, it can be concluded that the Crown hopes that the investment company will still raise the rate.

Initially, Blackstone valued Crown at $12.50 per share.

The Australian casino company Monaco International reported losses for the December quarter.

The Asia Gaming summary report states that the losses were caused by the effects of the coronavirus pandemic in Asia when the Cambodian casino was closed and the Vietnamese property was operating under restrictions.

The group’s profit before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization amounted to $1.2 million. The company’s revenue was $0.4 million compared to $6 million a year earlier. EBITDA was negative at the ownership level and amounted to $0.6 million versus $3.6 million in profit in 2020.

However, Donaco said its monthly cash flow is within the target range and expects to recover after the easing of restrictions related to COVID-19.

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