Integral Blind Company Morley Glass Assist Yorkshire Charities Through the Recycling of Glass

The renowned Morley Glass & Glazing specialist are helping Yorkshire charities and eco oriented projects to improve the environment. This article shall explore why the company has teamed up with glass manufacturer Saint-Gobain Glass and how this glass recycling project has significantly improved the environment and assisted several communities and charities.

CRUSH Machine

The integral blind specialist company realised that while they were delivering two thousand sealed units of integral blinds every week that there was no sign of customers recycling their previous panes of glass. This realisation prompted Morley Glass to think of a new way for customers to easily recycle the glass that they were left with from old windows and doors to create new glass. Through teaming up with glass manufacturer Saint-Gobain Glass, the company has created the ‘CRUSH’ machine which is a glass crushing machine which allows the glass recycling process to take place. As the name suggests, the machine crushes old glass into small fragments of cullet which allows it to be handed in bulk back to Saint-Gobain Glass, where it is recycled into a new pane of glass.

The Benefits of Recycled Glass

Since its launch, Morley Glass has been consistently adding to the amount of glass that they recycle every year. The environmental benefits of recycling glass are huge and assist in significantly improving the planet. For example, one ton of cullet can prevent 300kg of CO2 going into the atmosphere and 737 tonnes of cullet saves enough energy to power a home for an average of six months. For every two bags of cullet that is recycled, 625,498 kg of Virgin sand is saved.

Giving Back to the Community

Morley Glass are keen to give back to the community and this initiative is no different. The integral blind company offers customers and old tradespeople to use their very own recycling service free of charge which prevents them from paying the cost of landfill taxes and skips.

Morley Glass also provides financial assistance to local schools and charities across Yorkshire to assist them in their environmental endeavours. The money which is given to these organisations comes from the money which the company receives from Saint-Gobain Glass for turning the glass into cullet.

Organisations across Yorkshire that are engaged in environmental projects can therefore apply to Morley Glass for a financial donation which could reach £50,000. In return for financial donations, Morley Glass is keen to see the creative ways that organisations can improve the environment. This could include the creation of sensory gardens, butterfly gardens, wildflower gardens or school allotments. Any organisation within Yorkshire that is looking to create a project that benefits the environment can apply to Morley Glass online to be considered for financial funding. Simply send an email entitling your school, charity or organisation and tell Morley Glass of the environmental project that you are running and how it will benefit the environment.

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