What are the biggest problems in care home marketing?

Marketing is as crucial as ever in the care home industry. Care homes operate at one of the most delicate stages in an individual’s life, and thus, require substantial levels of trust, professionalism, and expertise surrounding the business. This is all established through the quality of the marketing strategies that the care home executes, and can be a major factor in its overall success.

Many care home businesses struggle to harness the real benefits of marketing, resulting in poor engagement with potential residents, and their families, and lower business performance. Without rectifying these issues, care home businesses may find themselves unable to accommodate the current needs of their customers, and receive an insufficient Return on Investment (ROI).

This article will highlight the main problems that occur within care home marketing, so that your business can address, change, and perfect these potential issues.

  • Poor insight into marketing performance

One of the biggest problems in care home marketing are the frequently inefficient methods of evaluating marketing performance. In order to optimise marketing strategies, you must first be able to identify how both residents and their families are engaging with them, which ones are of most value, and the conversion rates.

Once you have a full understanding of customer engagement, you can adapt your marketing strategies with a more informed, expert plan. This means that no marketing data goes unnoticed, and you can change your strategies with every fluctuation to maintain optimal engagement.

It is definitely worth considering something such as Mediahawk’s call tracking software, for extensive, real-time data on your marketing engagement through calls. A more informed strategy leads to greater ROI.

  • Lack of trust

With an industry as important as the care home, trust is one of the core foundations of every business. Residents and their families need absolute reassurance in your expertise and quality, knowing that they are making the right decision choosing your care home. Often, this trust is absent due to poor marketing not effectively interacting with the customers.

Marketing can help you express your care home’s values properly to the customers. Every aspect ranging from marketing content to forms of communication speaks volumes for your business. By refining your marketing strategies, you can ensure that everything a customer should love about your care home is presented plainly and effectively.

Without any reservations or doubts about your care home’s core values/aims, customers will feel confident in pursuing what you’re offering. This is the principal goal of a successful care home marketing strategy.

  • Inadequate understanding of customer needs

A common area where care homes fall short is in their understanding of the customer needs. There are so many different components that make up a care home business, and with customer needs growing and changing, these areas must do the same. At such a critical stage in life, residents and their families need to know that their every need will be met, should they purchase your services.

The right marketing strategies can illuminate your ability, as a quality care home, to identify and address the current customer needs. Residents and their families need to feel as if they are heard and valued by your care home, which will give them full confidence that they are in the safest of hands. You must first recognise the customer needs, and then you can focus your marketing strategies on meeting them.

This also leads back to having the right processes of marketing data evaluation, whether call tracking or marketing attribution, for example. Once you can see what customers are engaging with most, or what their main enquiries are, you have a deeper understanding of what they’re looking for in a care home – and you can now ensure that you provide it.

Making sure that you avoid these main problems in care home marketing is vital for a successful business performance. Once your marketing strategies are operating at an optimal level, so will your enquiries and move-in rates.