A complete detailed review on shipping your household goods from the USA to New Zealand

If you are looking forward to shipping your household goods from the USA to New Zealand, you have come to the right place. Below we will be discussing the process, challenges, and benefits of shipping household goods from the USA to New Zealand.

International movement of household goods will require specific considerations if you want the best experience. You will require good preparation, research, and professional international shippers so that your goods arrive safely.

Several household goods services in the USA have professionals and offer international shipping. These services are door to door when it comes to household goods. You can also opt for a lift van or container services.

Taking services from a reputed shipping company has several benefits. You no longer have to worry regarding the documentation. The packaging is done by professionals so that you can rest assured. Customers get custom assistance to have a smooth shipping experience. All your goods are insured, backed up with storage and inland services.

When you opt for shipping services from the top shipping companies in the USA, you get comprehensive services. These services are beneficial in ensuring your household goods reach you safely in the stipulated time.

Benefits of shipping services:

When it comes to the benefits of shipping companies, there are plenty, some of which will be explained below.

Moving timeline:

Professional shipping services in the USA notice the timeline, ensuring you get your household goods in the stipulated time. As per the state you would want your goods to arrive in, and the shipping services choose the best medium.

There are several shipping mediums you can opt for that will suit your requirements. For example, you can opt for sea shipping or freight depending on the requirements.

Real estate plans:

Shipping services in the USA will also help you find the best relocation apart from shipping your household goods. Depending on whether you want to rent or buy real estate, the shipping services help you get the best deals. As you are new in the country, it is always advisable to assist with outstanding shipping services for the best experience.

Fragile items:

When it comes to fragile items, professional shipping services in the USA offer custom crating services. Here your fragile goods are protected using the best packaging. Besides, all your goods are insured.

Family or moving alone:

Depending on the household size, the shipping services offer the best rates so that you can have a safe and reliable experience. If you are moving alone, these service providers arrange all your household items accordingly.

Sometimes people move for business or pleasure. Depending on your move, shipping services offer you the best services.

Cubic feet estimate:

Shipping of your household items is measured in cubic feet. This measurement ascertains how large your shipment is and the best mode of transportation for the same.

Cost estimate:

If you are looking to shift to New Zealand from the USA, it is advised to first opt for a home survey. Professional shipping services first do a home survey to examine the household items required to be shifted. After the professional visits the site, an estimate is handed over. The estimate is based on the cubic foot of the total shipment.

The time taken to shift your belongings to New Zealand from the USA will take on an average of 8 to 10 weeks. Several things must be considered, such as customs, packaging, and mode of transportation, to determine the total time.

Documents required:

Several documents are required for international shifting, some of which are mentioned below.

  • Resident Vis
  • Inventory details
  • Passport
  • Proof of residence
  • Customs declaration
  • Proof of transferring the funds to New Zealand
  • Proof of employment

When shipping your households from the USA to New Zealand, one must be very cautious. Considering the shipping process is going to take time, one has to keep enquiring to ensure their goods are safe. Using the package details, you can now track your shipment and know exactly when your goods reach your doorstep.


Shipping household goods from USA to New Zealand can be challenging. Therefore, it is advised to take services from a reputed shipping service if you are looking for the best experience.