Five Robots Humans Can Control & What they Do

The field of robotics has gone from science fiction to science, but it still lags the future of our novels and dreams. Still, the range of things that robots can do is growing quite fast. Whether it’s remotely controlled dexterous robots to do dangerous work or an automated bot to clean the floors, the number of uses that robotics has created continues to evolve. One of the most advanced sectors of the field are the teleoperated robots, which can be used in all kinds of ways. Below are five robots that humans can control and what they do.

Robotic Limbs

One of the most useful and innovative parts of robotics are mechanical limbs. Not only can robotic engineers create limbs for people who don’t have arms, robotic limbs can be used for non-human uses. For example, robotic arms can provide an avenue for augmented reality. They can be used for other things as well. Robotic arms can be remotely controlled to perform a variety of tasks like working on welding, in hot spaces, or around hazardous chemicals and other materials. Robotics limbs are a game-changer.

Robotic Transportation

Robots have been used in the space program for some time. They have been deployed on the moon and on mars. This technology is used in robots that clean floors, but it is also now being implemented into self-driving vehicles. Companies like Volvo are using remotely controlled cars to test out safety features and come up with new innovations. Robotic transportation continues to evolve and with the changes come new advancements in robotic transportation. Fully automated helicopters and cars are on the way. They are already a reality.

Surveillance Robots

Another way that robots are used remotely is through surveillance. Robots, drones, and CCTVs are employed to watch over a property, provide 24/7 video, and alert the property owner when there has been a breach. Surveillance isn’t just a bunch of cameras; robots can be employed to keep track of the various parts of the property and the people who are on it. Advanced surveillance robots can even detect faces. Drones can hover over the property. With a tandem surveillance apparatus, robotics can change the game.

Robotic Body Enhancers

Beyond robotic limbs, there are body enhancements that can be used to increase the strength and dexterity of humans. You can wear robotic gloves to perform complex tasks. An abdominal body wrap will protect your vital organs and other parts of your body. Robotic boots can help people walk over heated and dangerous pathways. Whatever work you are doing, robotic enhancements are changing all the time and creating new ways to deal with complex problems.

Maritime Robots

Robots can even be used in water. Maritime robots can build ships, transfer shipping containers, and repair things on the boat. Robots aren’t just resistant to heat, they are water-resistant. Some robots are even fully waterproof. Whether you are trying to avoid rough waters or damage to other technologies on the boat, maritime robots are a great way to get stuff done on the water. When you are looking for a way to work on a boat without damaging other tools, think about investing in a maritime robot.

Robotics is a field that continues to evolve. It isn’t yet to where the minds of science fiction writers and filmmakers imagined, but it is almost there. Technology changes all the time and as it becomes integrated into our daily lives, so will robotics. Robotics may not be what we once thought it would be, but it is on its way.

The ways in which humans can control robots. We can operate robots to do dangerous tasks with hazardous materials. We can use them to oversee our properties. We can use them to fix boats and repair other machines. We can enhance our bodies and protect our limbs. If someone doesn’t have a limb, they can get a robotic one to perform daily tasks. Whatever the use of robots, there are plenty of ways to get the job done and keep humans safe. Our uses for robotics will only continue to change to meet our needs. For those paying attention, robotics is seeing a renaissance. 

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