Personal Property Damage Law & Claims- What To Expect?

Buying a home is an expensive and one-time investment. A common man spends almost all of his life savings on buying a roof for his family. However, without insurance, there are possible threats, which can cost you big-time damage to your house.

Getting any type of damage to your property can leave you on the back-foot for years before you can get back on your track again. However, many personal property damage insurances can help you insure your home and property. Here are some of the basic steps you need to know about personal property damage law and claims.

What Comes Under Personal Property?

Anything that you buy with your money to make your life easier falls under the category of personal property. These are your belongings and you get them insured with personal property insurance. However, under personal property damage law, anything covered outside of homeowners’ policy will not be covered in case anything happens to your home.

You can get compensated in case anything happens to your home/property in case of disaster (including natural). in such conditions, the amount you will get depends upon your coverage listing in Coverage A.

Method of Calculation For Damage to a Personal Property

In case of damage to your property, the amount you will get is calculated by going through your coverage listing under Coverage A. In such a case, to get the money for getting you back on track, you need to file a claim for the damage done to your property.

In most cases, insurers give different levels of coverage for losses suffered by their customers. It depends on the amount insured and whether they provide one form or two forms of coverage in their policy documents with claims information below the sample covers:

Any type of damage to your physical property (house and its contents) as a result of fire, lightning, explosion, flood, or theft is covered in such insurances.

What Is Not Covered?

Accidental or intentional damage by intruders, loss caused by you or anyone else (such as neighbours) through vandalism; and any additional coverage you may have with the insurers, is basically out of coverage.

If you are asked to sign a waiver of responsibility form, it will state the policy will not cover losses due to “acts of God,” such as hail or earthquake.

You would need a separate insurance policy for this. So, instead of buying double coverages with different limits, buy coverages that overlap but have the coverage limits in common.

Why Do You need to hire lawyers in property damage cases?

You need to hire good lawyers under personal property damage claims law like any legal case. In many cases, people come to court without the help of an attorney. This can be a huge turn-off and your case can simply get closed by the judge because you did not have a good lawyer with you in your court.

An attorney for personal property damage cases can help in every aspect of getting compensation for your loss. Lawyers will help assess your situation and determine when and how you should approach the insurer and when to go to court if it is not settled by negotiation or mediation.