Earn 10X gains with Decentraland (MANA), Mountanaz (MNAZ), and Vechain (VET)?

Earning 100X gains is the dream of every cryptocurrency investor but very few are able to achieve it primarily because they tend to select tokens that are being shilled continuously without carrying out much research into the utility behind the coin.

However, we have researched and handpicked three cryptocurrencies that could potentially provide 10X gains due to their unique use cases and strong ecosystem. These three cryptocurrency tokens are: Decentraland (MANA), Mountanaz (MNAZ), and VeChain (VET).

Let’s dive deep into the utilities of these three tokens and why you should purchase them to possibly experience high returns in the future.

Decentraland powers the first NFT Cannes film festival 

The MANA Token that powers the Decentraland universe might receive another boost after the community announced the first NFT film festival at Cannes. It will be live streamed on Decentraland and will provide a unique opportunity with NFT auctions and offline networking to bring movies to the MANA metaverse.

Many speeches and workshops have been planned by the Decentraland team and it could pave the way for more adoption of Web 3 and highlight the benefits of metaverse empires powered by cryptocurrencies.

MANA could potentially experience a major spike as it is one of the best ecosystems that could change the manner in which media is consumed by users.

Mountanaz aims for an enriching DeFi experience for its users

The MNAZ token which will be used as the primary cryptocurrency of the Mountanaz empire. It will be available through a presale program. It will be deployed on the Binance Smart Chain but will be operable on multiple networks.

Mountanaz seeks to simplify the DeFi experience by removing barriers in terms of high fees and poorly written smart contracts. It will be powered by Chainlink oracles providing instant updates through price feeds from diverse networks.

Users will be able to add liquidity pools of their choice as the platform is interoperable. The current DeFi protocols do not offer many choices to users and add or remove liquidity pools as per their preferences. Mountanaz will be community governed and holders of the MNAZ Token will decide on all matters.

The MNAZ Token will be deflationary and supply will decrease over time providing a potentially healthy increase in price if the ecosystem can deliver on its road map. In theory this provides an excellent alternative to traditional currencies that have been experiencing all time highs regarding inflation.

Users will get voting powers depending on the number of tokens in their wallets and a combination of on-chain and off-chain activities. Holders participating in the platform on a regular basis will get a stronger share in shaping the future of the MNAZ Token. You can accumulate huge quantities of this upcoming DeFi Token and wait for a price rise as the platform starts functioning.

Vechain is now supported by Nufinetes

The multi-chain wallet Nufinetes has announced support for Vechain tokens and NFTs. It will help in bringing more users to the VeChain network. The VET Token is a passive income generation token as holding VET provides rewards in the form of a gas token known as VeThor.

Nufinetes provides access to various dApps and browsers from within the wallet app and users will be able to store a variety of assets including tokens and NFTs on the same wallet app. At present, users have to download different wallets to store various tokens but Nufinetes solves this problem by providing a simple yet elegant design to house all your blockchain assets under one roof.

The VET Token powers the Vechain universe which includes support for NFTs, supply chain solutions, and is a smart contract compatible blockchain network.

The three tokens selected above have diverse utilities and offer the right balance to your crypto portfolio. Find out more about the MNAZ Token through the social media channels shared below.

 Learn more about Mountanaz (MNAZ) 

 Presale: https://purchase.mountanaz.io/register

Website: http://mountanaz.io

Telegram: https://t.me/Mountanaz_Token