How Chronoly (CRNO) Will Dominate Cardano (ADA) and Cronos (CRO) This Year

Do you intend to purchase cryptocurrencies in 2022? Are you struggling to keep on top of the latest news and trends? Don’t worry, you’re far from alone. Finding the finest cryptocurrency investments can be difficult, so here we’re going to look at three different cryptos and why one of them in particular, Chronoly (CRNO), will prove to be the dominant one of the three this year.

Cardano (ADA) becoming a bull trap?

The price of Cardano (ADA) rose 45% in less than 48 hours, from $0.48 to $0.68 on May 31. On June 1, Cardano’s price fell dramatically, giving up some of the gains made in the previous two days. The question today is whether the ADA/USD pair can maintain its upward trend, given that it is trading about 80% below its September 2021 high of $3.16. That’s quite a fall from grace.

According to Digital Trend, a financial analysis contributor at SeekingAlpha says the Cardano (ADA) token is now at risk of another market decline, adding that Cardano has had rapid price rallies in the past that turned into bull traps. Proceed with caution, Cardano could fall further.

Cronos (CRO) shining but for how long?

Cronos (CRO) has a bullish rating on the Investors Observer sentiment score over the past five days. The sentiment score evaluates Cronos’ performance in terms of volume and price change over the past five days. The Sentiment Score is a short-term snapshot of a cryptocurrency’s recent performance. This can help both short-term investors who want to ride a rally and long-term investors who want to purchase the downturn.

For the previous five days, Cronos (CRO) has been trading near its midway. The cryptocurrency is down 4.36% from its five-day high of $0.165 and up 11.11 percent from its five-day low. Cronos is trading in a good range between support and resistance. Cronos had some room to run before hitting resistance, with support around $0.175 and resistance at $0.191. Cronos has recently traded on minimal volume. This signifies that today’s volume is lower than the average for the previous seven days.

Chronoly (CRNO) presses all the right buttons

While cryptocurrency markets have taken a significant beating in recent weeks, the Chronoly (CRNO) token has increased in value from $0.01 to $0.04. The project is unaffected by market leader BTC’s price swings, making it a potentially safer option. Chronoly (CRNO) is a cryptocurrency that allows users to invest in portions of branded pre-owned timepiece backed NFT’s and then trade them in a marketplace. By staking their tokens, holders will soon be able to receive a passive income just for holding CRNO. Over 140 million CRNO tokens have been sold to date, and the demand doesn’t seem to stop growing any time soon.

Crypto experts predict that the price of CRNO will increase by more than 5,000% after its formal debut at the end of July on Uniswap, so act now and get in on this soaring good thing. Analysts are predicting that during the presale period alone CRNO can rise over 1,000% from its current price of $0.04. Crypto analysts worldwide have been keeping a close watch on Chronoly and many have upped their predictions based on the speed that the CRNO tokens are selling out at. Considering all this information it’s a no brainer the reason why our pick of the week goes to Chronoly!