The Mission Of Help The Homeless Believe Charity

“I always wanted to set up my own charity with passion and purpose.”

Born in 1982 in Dublin, Ireland, Paul Arthur Napper is a catalyst for positive transformation through his dedication to helping and supporting the less fortunate. Being the provider to people seeking love, hope, and inspiration in their lives has been his greatest accomplishment.

Philanthropist, advocate, and humanitarian are just a few words that outline Paul’s life, work, and foundation.

Help The Homeless Believe Charity

Exhibiting the essential attributes of an inspiring leader, Paul has an extensive history of charitable activity. He always had a keen desire to help others whenever possible. He continues to work vigorously to support and assist people who are underprivileged, less fortunate, or are confronting challenging circumstances impacting their health and welfare.

What started as a kind gesture to someone who needed warmth for the night has grown tenfold. After countless years of being involved with charities, including Brixton Soup, Victory Life Church, and Rotary International, Paul has established a Perth-based charity, Help The Homeless, with the mission to positively and undoubtedly impact the world.

For the past few winters, he has made inspirational contributions to provide warm bedding, clothes, and food to the homeless and families in Perth and surrounding areas. He has always taken the time not only to collate and deliver donations but to have genuine conversations with the recipients. His commitment and vision have grown into a registered charitable not-for-profit organisation.

Help Paul Help Others

While poverty rates vary, 1 in every 8 Australian adults live below the poverty line. More concerning is that 1 in every 6 Australian children experiences poverty, with numbers predicted to rise. The degree of hardship can range from mild to absolute with an over proportionate amount of individuals and families suffering severely.

With the dedication to ameliorating the condition of poverty in Australia, Paul aims to continue his work and provide relief to those who need it. Help The Homeless Believe Charity focuses on creating awareness and providing daily essentials, such as food, clothing, and sleeping gear for those who require care, warmth, and nourishment. It operates around the Perth area and assists homeless and challenged families in dealing with their circumstances.

By doing so, the organisation is reactive on a day-to-day basis by seeking out those in hardship and delivering them the much-needed supplies. Without its intervention, many would go cold and experience hunger, largely affecting children.

Help The Homeless Believe Help Is Free From Stereotypes & Misconceptions

A common misconception in our society is that the homeless are drug addicts or individuals unwilling to work. However, in reality, most of those living in poverty span from the elderly to those who are socially disadvantaged.

Disadvantage may be attributed but not limited to generational poverty, redundancy, age, and race discrimination in the case of job/home seeking, lack of qualification, and emotional or financial turmoil. Many are those who are unsupported with no one to turn to at troubling times. Making generalisations without knowing an individual’s circumstances will not help our community address the growing social issues.

Help The Homeless Believe has provided assistance to over 1000 Perth families, children, and people. The foundation has supported individuals experiencing mental health illnesses, single parents with limited income, the unsupported elderly, people with low literacy, and those who are unable to seek employment, and single parents.

Paul In The Recent News

Paul is currently working on a business/inspirational book titled Council Estate to Real Estate. It is a “rags to riches” story revolving around being raised in a low economic environment. It discusses how you can transform your life through a positive mental attitude and the power of believing in yourself and your vision.

The book outlines Paul’s life, going from one extreme – growing up in a council estate riddled with crime and poverty in Dublin – to becoming “the Rolls Royce of Real Estate,” selling million-dollar properties on the other side of the world.