Give your content an online identity to match your goals with Powered Template’s range of icons and patterns

Whether you’re a business, a blogger, or a full-time content creator, it’s essential to build an identity that’s synonymous with your brand. However, in an environment where anyone can become an influencer, it’s more important than ever to stand out from the crowd. 

The internet is a congested place, particularly in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, which accelerated the pace of digital transformation – sending more entities and creators online in the process. 

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As we can see from the chart above, one minute on the internet can host a wide range of activity across a multitude of channels. On Instagram, nearly 700,000 stories are shared, two million views take place on Twitch, $1.6m is spent on online shopping, and 5,000 downloads take place on TikTok over the space of 60 seconds. 

With so much content being consumed at any given moment online, how can businesses and creators create an identity that resonates with their audience and becomes synonymous with their brand? 

Creating themes and graphics from scratch can be an extremely time consuming process for individuals to undertake whilst creating content of their own, but solutions like Powered Template can make it easy for users to utilize pre-prepared patterns, icons, and just about any other items that can help to build a unique online presence all without taking up time or costing the earth. 

Finding the content that matches your ambitions

Although Powered Template may be best known as a massive resource for presentation templates and slides, the platform actually hosts a far wider range of tools and materials. 

Among the resources available on Powered Template is a suite of graphics, patterns and icons that can add character to a website, blog, or the production of content for creators online. 

As we can see from the collection of graphics above, there are a wide variety of options for content creators to add their own personal touch to the work they publish. 

Powered Templates has listed its graphics in a simple but informative format, and users can quickly observe the star rating that users have provided as a review of the content. It’s also possible to see red thumbnails to the bottom right of each selection that signifies that it’s a premium piece of content that’s reserved for members only to download. 

Alongside the many different options provided by Powered Template in terms of graphics, we can see that users can benefit from a range of different patterns, backgrounds, illustrations, and clip arts, as well as icons. 

These options can provide users with all the tools they need to stand out from the crowd and to add an all important bespoke personality to the content that you produce – from how you market your personal brand on social media, to how you lay out your web pages online. 

Thanks to Powered Template’s intuitive menu system, users can search for the types of items that they want based on a range of categories that update in real-time, enabling individuals to explore the content that they want and populate their results criteria as they wish. 

As we can see in the screenshot above, it’s also possible to filter results based on their compatibility with different formats. This means that users can quickly eliminate content that isn’t compatible with Google Slides, for instance. 

Let’s take a closer look at one of Powered Template’s selection of icons available for users to download. As a recent upload by the user ‘fbstockbd’, we can see that the item has only had the one rating so far, but a click on the user creator shows that they have received 19 downloads from customers already despite only beginning to upload their works in October 2021. 

At the foot of the page, we can see that the content is exclusively compatible with Adobe suites like Photoshop and Illustrator, and the file will arrive in a ZIP format. 

Significantly, the crown icon embedded on the page and next to the download button indicates that this is premium content, meaning that users must have an active subscription with Powered Template to access the icons. 

Fortunately, Powered Template features a number of flexible options for subscribers. The platform’s basic annual subscription makes it possible for users to download 200 pieces of content per month for a relative fee of $8.25 monthly. Meanwhile, a single month’s subscription is also available for purchase. 

In a rare innovation for graphics download platforms, Powered Template has also made it possible for users to access an on-demand subscription service, whereby they can pay per download. Options include packages of 10, 20, 50, and 150 downloads over the course of a year. 

Although it can be profoundly difficult to stand out from the crowd in an online landscape that’s punctuated by masses of content produced every minute. Powered Template offers a smart range of caringly designed patterns, backgrounds, icons, and clip arts that can make businesses and content creators alike become their own personal brands. 

Whilst anyone can create content online, very few will be able to replicate a self-styled online brand that’s built from the finest professionally crafted content via Powered Template. It’s through this platform that you can really build your true personality online

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