Everything You Need to Know About Sidewinder Car Keys

Over the years, the locksmith industry has seen numerous innovations and advancements in the products leading manufacturers produce. Service providers in the industry keep up with their offerings to ensure they can be of aid to people in need of better security systems. They use modern technology to safeguard people’s lives and hard-earned belongings.

The automotive industry is one of the biggest beneficiaries of innovations in locking systems today. Gone are the days when you could only use mechanical keys to open the doors and start the engine of your vehicle. Now, car manufacturers provide transponder, laser-cut, and mechanical keys to their customers for the vehicle’s security.

One of the industry’s upgrades is using a sidewinder or laser-cut keys. They are common in the automotive locksmith industry because car manufacturers in the 1990s developed them to prevent and slow down rampant car theft.

What Is a Sidewinder Key?

A sidewinder key has a modern design and is also known as a laser-cut key.

Car manufacturers started producing sidewinder keys in the 1990s to prevent car theft. At first, the production of laser-cut keys was exclusive to luxury cars only like Porsche and BMW because they get stolen more often. Today, leaders in the automotive industry use the same technology in most the vehicles they produce to ensure their security.

The unique designs of sidewinder keys make them challenging to get copied. The center cut of sidewinder keys makes them difficult to replicate by an ordinary locksmith. It requires a laser cutting machine for production and duplication.

What Are the Benefits of Having Sidewinder Keys?

Material, Hardware, and Design

Lock manufacturers often use brass, nickel, or silver when producing side-winder keys. Those materials are robust, making them difficult to break. Also, they are not easy to cut through, so duplicating them is challenging if you don’t have the machine for the task.

The middle and back cuts of sidewinder keys are also challenging to replicate. Only professionals with appropriate tools and equipment for duplication can provide this service. This way, you will not have to worry about people stealing your key to get your car.

High Security

When you have a sidewinder lock system, it guarantees you high-security levels. The limited number of professionals replicating this type of key makes it more secure than others. The designs of the keys make them difficult to duplicate. The patterns of the lock systems also follow the keys’ patterns, making them challenging to pick using conventional tools like pins and hard-wires. Also, only a handful of locksmiths have access to laser-cutting machines.

In addition, car manufacturers often pair sidewinder keys with transponder ones, and their technology uses microchips, making them almost impossible to get stolen unless the thief breaks the windows.

Can Sidewinder Keys Be Duplicated?

Yes, sidewinder or laser-cut keys can get duplicated. However, finding an automotive locksmith with the right equipment to deliver accurate replicates of your car key is challenging.

When you need a copy of your car keys with a sidewinder design, you can use the internet to find the nearest automotive locksmith who has a laser-cutting machine in their shop. Ask them how much it will cost for a duplication, and call your dealer or car manufacturer if they can do the same.

If both can provide you the service, compare it by the cost and convenience. Locksmiths and car dealers should be able to give you lead time and expenses for the service you need. From there, decide which service provider you want to duplicate your car keys.

How Much Does a Sidewinder Key Cost?

Like any locking device, the higher or tighter the security level is, the more expensive it is. So yes, a lock set with a sidewinder key costs higher than a typical locking system. The technology manufacturers use in producing them makes them expensive.

When you go to an automotive locksmith in Denver or any nearby area to get your sidewinder key duplicated, it may cost you around $30-$60. However, the price still depends on the locksmith company you’ve chosen to do the duplication. Before you decide which locksmith to get, ensure that you’ve already asked around and done your research. You can use the internet to get a background on the work ethic and other services of your chosen company.

Key Takeaway

When buying a car, ask your dealer everything about it, including its security features. Inquire if the car comes only with a mechanical key, transponder key, or a combination. Most modern cars come with a combination key. Also, ask if the design of the mechanical key is blank or laser-cut. As mentioned, sidewinder or laser-cut keys offer a higher security level because of their design.

If you have a sidewinder key, some automotive locksmiths can duplicate your key. You must be wise when choosing which one to trust or think is reliable. So please do your research first before going to their shops.

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