How To Use Logo Pens For Marketing

If you’re running a business by yourself, with a team, or as part of a larger corporation, then you are fully aware of the ins and outs of marketing/promotions. A good marketing plan and promotional opportunity can mean a world of difference when it comes to generating interest in your company and routing customers. But a bad one can cause plenty of customer issues and be detrimental to your overall organization. That’s why it’s so critical to get promotions right. One way to do that is to hand out promotional items, in order to generate interest in your company. One of the best promotional items available today is elegant yet incredibly simple: a customized pen. In this article, we’ll take you through how to use customized pens at your business and why they’re a great idea. Keep reading to learn more.

Why Use Pens To Promote Your Business?

Pens are one of the most multifaceted and versatile promotional tools a business can use. No, really, they are. Pens are affordable, practical, and can be used by anyone. They’re also a great way to get your company name and logo out into a world that might not actually know who you are or what you offer. When someone is going about their business and using your pen throughout the day, they’re essentially providing free advertising for your business to anyone who happens to be around them. This can have the effect of generating impressions of your brand and, if your logo is unique, it can draw interest from potential customers. Furthermore, handing out pins is a quick and effective means of showing customers that you care about them. It can be as part of a gift, as part of a promotion, or simply a courtesy to your customers for patronizing your establishment. Moreover, buying things in bulk and customizing them isn’t a terribly expensive endeavor and can help you budget your marketing initiative much more effectively.


After you’ve selected a distributor / supplier for your pens, you need to decide how to customize them. The first place to look is the logo. A good logo speaks volumes about your brand. It can draw interest, it can tell people you are, and it can even show what you do to an extent. Bear in mind that a logo shouldn’t take up the entirety of the pen so you should leave room for other items. Make sure your logo is printed in high quality on the pen and that it is prominently displayed. Find a vendor that allows you to customize pens in this manner so that you can start distributing your custom logo pens and generating buzz in your business today.

Contact Information

Having a logo on your pens is critical, but it isn’t going to be as useful without contact information. Ensure your contact information is relevant and up to date so that anyone who looks at your pen and wants to get in touch can do so easily. Basic contact info to include are the company name, address, and a phone number or email. Email is an effective communication tool for promotions, so make sure that the email address is working and easy to input/us for your potential customers. Nobody is going to fire up their browser and type in an overly long and complicated email address. Again, relevant and timely information is key to customizing your pen in an optimum way.

Location Information

Along with being able to get in touch with you, potential customers and existing customers should know where you’re located physically. If you’re running a brick and mortar business or run a business through a strip mall, then having the location prominently displayed on your PIN just beneath the logo and above the contact information is crucial. This should include the business’s address and the city in which the business is located. It isn’t going to help somebody who might end up with your pen in another city to know they can’t find you from where they are. Getting your location information accurate is key to success in any marketing endeavor, but can be a major pain in the neck if it isn’t accurate on promotional items like pens.

Where To Distribute Them

Pens make a great giveaway item at trade shows, conventions, and other events. They can also be distributed to customers or clients as a thank you gift or reminder of your company. But perhaps the best place to distribute them is at your store location or in your office. Put out a cup full of pens that customers can use and feel free to take. This shows that you want to build trust, report, in a relationship with them while also giving them something functional to use as a complimentary item. Consider special pens or specifically designed pens that you can use to enhance customer Loyalty programs, uses gifts around the office, or provide to customers when they meet certain costs / spending at the thresholds. There are plenty of great options for using custom logo pens to advertise and it can help your organization succeed in an overcrowded marketplace.

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