UK Health -Testing Provider launches a range of Home Testing services for Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI)

Home testing meets the needs created by a changing society where convenience and discretion is paramount.

UK health test provider Screen4 has introduced a sister company Uneed2Know. Offering an online service for the increased demand for tests associated with STI’s. There is a still ‘stigma’ or level of embarrassment associated with some options for STI testing and discrete home testing is a safe and secure way to get access to a test in a quick and affordable way.

Our customers range from 18 to 70+ in age. There is an increasing level of infection in the age 45+ group due to shifting domestic circumstances and more sexual activity in this age group.

The main factors supporting the creation of Uneed2Know include:

– Innovative and easy to use, urine and finger prick home based tests 
– A range of 4 test profiles ranging from 2 to 11 STI’s 
– Clear simple information around test types
– Discreet packaging
– Reliable and robust laboratory analysis 
– Access to a Virtual GP service is available, if needed, for those who have a positive test result 

New attitudes to health  

Screen4’s activities supplying diagnostic testing services to industry and consumers has revealed a shift in public attitudes to personal health. 
Director David Grouse said, “There’s a greater awareness – and expectation – that a suitable, reliable and robust test can be found online and ordered for home use. You might call it the “Easy Access model:’ people find what they want in a simple way, order it, receive it without fuss or delay and expect the whole process to be seamless.”
This is a specialised area for testing and it is a crucial part of our service that we can provide proven advice and support and this can only come from key people that have experience in the market. We have a team lead by an experienced senior manager from the STI testing industry.

The Uneed2Know team is supported by qualified GPs, providing medical review and oversight.

The STI sector is a growing market, not just in the UK but in other regions overseas. Within the group of companies, we have experience and opportunities to develop these overseas markets, including the UAE, Bahrain and other areas.

For more information about Uneed2Know, contact: 

David Grouse 
Test4 Limited (trading as Uneed2know)
Email: [email protected]

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