Why Dweller 15 from OBI Camper Should Be Your Choice

All travelers love camping because it is the perfect destination for a weekend getaway. While there are many camping sites to choose from, most people enjoy a camper van’s simple and chilled-out atmosphere. 

However, we have so many campers in the market that it gets hard to find one that will surely fill all our needs. We dug down to find a camper that its users love. 

We are talking about the one and only Dweller 15 by OBI Camper. We will talk about why a Dweller 15 from OBI camper should be your choice. So, let us dive in.

Why Dweller 15 from OBI camper should be your choice 


With a trailer for you to travel in, your trips become easier and more comfortable. 

In cold weather, the combination heater-heating water heater combo is an exceptionally convenient thing.  If you set the water temperature below 40 degrees, you will have as much shock as the possible shower. The small tank includes a sufficient amount of water to take two basic showers, which take only a couple of minutes.

The underfloor A/C is linked to power or a generator when the shore is connected or when a grid is available. We found the under-bed Air conditioner delivered a more convenient atmosphere by eliminating the two-height level when compared to similar models with more typical rooftop AC.


Physically, there is a huge cylinder container, holding space for 2 twenty-pound tanks of gaseous fuel, a substantial toolbox on the driver’s side, quite a few drawers, and a cabinet on the passenger’s side. We stored an astonishing lot of materials in all these.

We used the tongue box for all our tools and leveling blocks and power drills.

The drawers in the cabinets hold many other tools and spare parts, first aid kits, and even more firewood. Our home also has several cupboards to keep light bulbs, toilet paper, batteries, and so on. Behind all the stuff on the desk, you can store a little more.

In the front of the cabin, there’s a giant open storage cabinet where we stash a few cardboard boxes full of supplies. Alongside the door are six full-sized latching drawers for our important equipment since it is easy to reach from the outdoors. And we have not exactly filled this space up to capacity.

Making food is not an issue:

Thanks to the pull-out function of this trailer, a feature you do not realize is a feature until you try many trailers is the kitchen not sticking out straight along the side of the trailer. Since the interior rail of your Dweller kitchen slides out, you’ll have more choice in seating in a shaded location compared to the interior of your kitchen. The layout is subtle, but it proves to be quite effective.

Handles any weather

The Dweller 15 is a powerful subcompact trailer that can travel in all sorts of weather conditions, from mild climates to extremely cold weather. It has a variety of features that make it perfect for those who want a trailer that can handle any weather.

The Trailer is made of durable materials that can handle a variety of weather conditions. It has an easy-to-use system that makes it easy to operate, making it perfect for any outdoor activity.

The aluminum frame and heavy-duty components make it resistant to weathering and damage, ensuring that it remains in good condition over time.

Additionally, the trailer has an internal frame that makes it durable and waterproof, ensuring that your belongings are safe and sound.

More spacious if wanted:

It also has a dresser drawer with nice latching closures. It is very difficult for us to determine the appropriate way to use this, so we stuff a bag and brought it in line with our clothing stuff in the dresser when it opens up the drawer, and then put our things back into our bag. But the wardrobe is a great spot to keep larger items.

We haven’t yet had a trailer shower with a toilet in it, but here is one, so we advise you to take note. Essentially a whole new game-changer. We would likely not have cared much about using less bathroom space with a separate shower toilet, but after trying this out, we wouldn’t feel right wasting valuable toilet space on a conventional shower-toilet setup.

Towing is easier:

Giant tires with independent suspension do not offer as much assistance to an Airstream. We also filled up 2 of 3 water tanks because of the long distance of this drive, and I drove with only one tank filled after that ride, and it was much more fun.

Our suggestion is to only fill the front tank unless you need both; it significantly improves the on-road towing.



The Dweller 15 camper is a great choice for those who want the best adventure experience. It has all the features that a person could want, while also being able to be portable and comfortable. It is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a camping camper that can handle any situation they may encounter.

Finally, this article should help you know why Dweller 15 by OBI camper should be your first choice.

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