The DiverseCityApp Partners with Unleashed Potential for DEI Consulting

(Tacoma, Washington) The DiverseCityApp, a mobile application dedicated to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) formalizes its partnership with Potential Unleashed. As a leader in Change Management and DEI Education, Potential Unleashed has established formal partnerships with enterprise organizations like Western Union, Microsoft, and Amazon; but also serves a vast array of educational systems, religious organizations, sports teams, and non-profit organizations.
CEO Jahmad Canley shared, “Potential Unleashed now has digital technology that creates a viable and sustainable solution for DEI education. This partnership will allow Potential Unleashed to take our work to the next level, providing an additional layer of ongoing DEI education for the various organizations we serve. We understand that DEI work is a journey for individuals and organizations alike. The journey does not have to end with our diversity trainers doing in-person or online training but can be further practiced through the DiverseCityApp platform. We are thrilled about this incredible opportunity and know it will be a game changer for DEI education.”
The DiverseCityApp COO Sandy Sarge comments, “This is a proud moment for our company. To partner with an organization with such extensive expertise in the DEI space as Potential Unleashed takes DiverseCity to the next level. With this combination of knowledge and technology, companies can finally create organizational cultures that are inclusive, respectful, and safe. The DiverseCityApp is on a mission to end global racism and other systemic oppressions and partners like Potential Unleashed, bring us one step closer! Jahmad (Canley) has led the direction of our company from its inception, so this formal partnership is an exciting win/win. As an Executive Leader with both Potential Unleased and The DiverseCityApp, Jahmad will create the vision to help us with our goal of leading the DEI industry with sustainable and effective tools that increase the value of humanity and fight the systemic effects of racism.”
The DiverseCityApp is a gamified mobile app that eliminates the barriers to effective DEI education and engagement. The app is designed for organizations of all sizes and industries and promotes a more comfortable experience. Users study topics in a group setting using social media elements to like, comment, share, and engage in additional support activities. Features like gamification, automation, engagement analytics methods, and the ability to customize the user experience make The DiverseCity App an extremely effective powerful learning and engagement tool. The DiverseCity App is currently available at The Apple Store and Google Play.

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