What you should know about seeds

It is very easy to cross things off as “fashion” seeds. After all, so many seeds are on the market and they all seem to have beautiful properties.

But one type of seed we don’t often hear about – and less from nutritionists – is the cannabis seed.  And, just so you know, you can legally order and buy the best weed seeds at SensorySeeds, an online shop, by now one of the leaders of the sector in the UK and Europe.

Anyhoo, here are eight things you should know about cannabis seeds:

1. Marijuana or hemp, it’s the same

The Cannabis family counts hemp among them as well as marijuana. The most notable difference between these two is that one contains THC and the other does not. One is smoked, the other is not.

But when it comes to nutritional benefits, they are equal to our eyes. Cannabis seeds have virtually the same nutritional content across wide plant varieties.

Marijuana seeds contain THC, but their amount is negligible enough to be considered similar to smoking the plant.

2. Cannabis seeds are super versatile

Cannabis seeds have many uses. First, they are used to make oil – a very high-quality oil. This oil is edible, but cosmetics mainly use it in addition to their products: Cannabis seed oil, applied to the skin, is anti-inflammatory and an antibiotic.

They can also be eaten, both with and without the shell. The most convenient way is shelled: many stores and companies in countries like Uruguay or Canada sell these seeds already shelled, ready to eat.

They are especially popular as a substitute for peanuts, as they taste pretty similar. As a sprinkle on your favorite ice cream or a side dish in a salad, there are many ways to incorporate these seeds into your diet.

3. Marijuana seeds are very high in protein

Only two plant protein sources can claim to have the same amount of amino acids as animal protein: quinoa and cannabis seeds.

In addition, a hundred grams of cannabis seeds provide you with more than 70% of the recommended daily protein value. This means that cannabis seeds have the same amount of protein as beef by weight or per serving.

The best thing is that many studies show that vegetable protein is much healthier for our bodies than animal protein. So put down the ham and eat the seeds.

4. Cannabis seeds are low in carbohydrates

Don’t miss out: carbohydrates make up just 2% of the nutritional value of these seeds, which is almost nothing.

Plus, half of those carbs are “complex” carbs, a much healthier carb that helps control blood sugar.

5. They have omega 3 (and 6 and 9)

Omega-class fatty acids are essential for health and omega-3, in particular, are very important to incorporate into our diet, as it is not easy to get naturally from food. They’re usually found in foods such as salmon and other fishes.

In addition to containing a large amount of omega 3 (second only to chia seeds), they also have a good dose of gamma-linolenic acid, which is beneficial for health and helps regulate hormones.

6. Marijuana seeds help take care of the skin

Many studies have shown that eating cannabis seeds daily improves many dermatological conditions: eczema, acne, dermatitis and others.

This is due to the quality of the fats found in these seeds and their anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties.

The fatty acids help keep your skin healthy, while the cannabis seeds help fight skin infections and inflammation.

7. Weed seeds are good for the environment

Did you know that wide varieties of the cannabis plant grow wild, unsupervised, in many parts of the world?

It is a highly resistant plant. As a result, it does not need large amounts of water to grow and using pesticides and other chemicals to combat pests is unnecessary.

This makes these seeds one of the best for our planet but also gives us the certainty that we are eating organic food, free of pesticides and poisons.

8. Cannabis seeds are full of vitamins and minerals

Don’t be shy when it comes to eating these seeds. One serving, even the smallest, adds valuable amounts of vitamins and minerals to your diet.

These seeds have a lot of iron, zinc and magnesium. Plus, they’re rich in B vitamins like riboflavin and niacin and plenty of vitamin A and D.

Now that you know all the benefits of eating these seeds don’t hesitate to buy some whenever you have the opportunity. You can purchase the best feminized seeds, fast-flowering and auto-flowering cannabis seeds easily and legally from specialized cannabis seed sites or try your luck at a local store.