How to dress a dining table

When choosing a table, it is extremely important not only to decide on its parameters. You also need to understand how to dress a dining table. The right table design will affect the mood of the people who will eat or dine at it. It is also a good way to show concern for your loved ones. The Internet is full of suggestions and tips on how to decorate the dinner table. For you, we have collected the most popular suggestions for this kind of decoration.

Items to put on my dining room table

When you are pondering what should I put on my dining room table, study what your acquaintances are putting up and consider whether you like this kind of decor. When decorating your dining room table, some items should always be around. First and foremost are:

  1. cutlery (bowls, plates, spoons, knives, etc.);
  2. glasses (both for water and for different alcoholic drinks);
  3. auxiliary utensils (napkins, water jugs).

In addition, you need to think about what will be placed on the central part of the table. For those who want the best way to decorate an extendable dining table with a bench or any other type of table, you need to choose the right items that can be placed there.

Items to protect the dining table

A good dining table will cost a decent amount of money. So buyers want it to last as long as possible. This is logical because no one likes to waste money. To make the operating life of the table as long as possible, users need to think about not only the items of design but also its protection. For this spruce can be used:

  • oil;
  • shellac;
  • wax.

Most often masters suggest using tung oil. For wooden tables, it is the best option. It has water-repellent properties and adds a golden hue to the wood. But you need to apply at least 6 coats to make it airtight.

Danish oil is also a good option. It absorbs more quickly. Therefore, it should be applied in smaller layers. But the main difference is the lack of additional insulation that tung oil can provide.

Wax is considered the most familiar method of finishing dining tables. It does not penetrate the wood, but it is the best at repelling water. Aesthetically, it is not the best way to protect your table.

Should you use a table track?

Some users think that using a desk track is unnecessary and old-fashioned. They’re wrong. A table runner is a quick and easy way to decorate the dining room table. It is also an easy piece of table protection. If it is made of thin materials, it can be used as a tablecloth. Plates or pitchers are often placed on the table runner. For the convenience of friends on it, you can put napkins or a charger to charge gadgets.

With a table runner, the dining table looks stylish and interesting. In the central part, you can place candles for a romantic dinner or create an unusual atmosphere. 

How to decorate the center of the table

When thinking about how to dress a round dining table, you should understand that the most attention should be paid to the centerpiece on the table.  In the UK users can use floral arrangements, candelabras, candles, and other items as dinner table decorations. Each of these can be placed at a different height. This will help improve the style of the table and the interior of the house.  The centerpieces are recommended to change depending on what format the dinner is planned.

Our managers as an experiment suggest putting a plate with blooming flowers or soon-to-bloom bulbs in the center of the table. The process of the appearance of flowers will interest people sitting at your dining table. Also, a good option is to place leaves, eucalyptus, or fragrance sticks.

What to do if the table is not used

Your home doesn’t always host dinner parties or parties. Sometimes the furniture is resting from such events. But you still need to decorate it in style. You can decorate the dining table with a floral arrangement. To do this, the flowers are placed in a vase or bowls. Such a decoration will be to your liking and will not interfere with your daily worries.

You can also arrange glassware. This will help to save space in the closet and at an unexpected visit guests immediately set the table in a couple of minutes. To keep the interior from getting boring, you can try putting seasonal touches.

On our site, you will find a wide range of dining tables that will suit any hostess. Choose the one you are most interested in and think about how best to decorate it.