Do You Want to Build a Successful Business? Check Astrology!

Whether you own a start-up or a family business, you want to taste success and prosper. Hard work, experience, and intelligence are critical ingredients. But they are not everything. You can make good progress in your business and grow it with specific knowledge. If you did everything, but nothing worked, you may seek astrological help. Whether you agree or disagree, the position of the planets or astrological factors contribute to the smooth running of your business and its growth. Hence, it can be worth paying attention to this aspect.

Supporting Planetary Combinations for Business Growth

Any astrological chart will have 12 sections or houses that describe your life events or give an insight into them. For instance, the 10th house represents your career progress, fame, and social standing. Since you want to do business, the 7th house becomes more relevant. Your 11th house hints at your financial status and success. You will make money from your venture if 11th house is good. Every business comes with unique challenges, and your 3rd house becomes crucial. It gives you courage. When you consult an astrologer in Delhi, they will answer all your queries and address any concerns.

Things to do for Success in Business

For a prosperous business, you must please Goddess Laxmi – a prayer to devi on Fridays, lighting up nine ghee lamps in your home temple. Keep your prayer spot at the office clean. Use the holy Ganga water for this and make a swastika. You can offer jaggery, chana dal (a type of pulse), and a lit ghee lamp. You can do this on Thursdays. You can place sea salt bowls in different corners if you run a store. Make sure all the corners are clean of cobwebs. Keeping a small pocket-size mirror in the locker can be auspicious. Show the mirror some sunlight once a month. You can put the photographs of your grandparents for their blessings. Worshipping your main deity is also crucial. Keep them happy.

Other Remedies as per Astrology

Due to some challenges in your birth chart, you may have to wear gemstones. If required, your astrologer will inform you. Apart from this, fasting and doing charitable work can also yield results. Care for animals and birds. When you do this, your planets and Gods can shower their blessings. Doing the Navagraha mantra can also be helpful.

Most talented and hardworking people sometimes fail in business while others enjoy an easy win. When you witness this, it troubles your mind. You question your abilities. But the reason behind lagging in the business can be certain planetary positions. An experienced astrologer can study your birth chart and guide you on why your business is not doing well or how you can change your fate. So, please don’t feel terrible that your business has not grown even after putting in all the effort. Instead, seek astrological guidance. You may benefit when you open another company. Or, you started something at the wrong time. Since all this knowledge remains elusive to an ordinary mind, expert astrologers can be your ultimate resort.