The best games for a group of friends

If you and your family or friends are stuck looking for something to do for the vacations, there are some great games that you can run with your smartphone to have a good night out with friends. These can be both logic games, entertaining games, or even casino sites not blocked by gamstop. The choice of entertainment is so great that you certainly can not get bored. So, here are the best games for the company of friends.

Words With Friends

Words With Friends is one of the most popular games you can play with your friends on mobile devices. It is a puzzle game in which you have to make words out of different colored tiles and score points. Each letter tile is worth a different number of points, and you must strategically place the tiles correctly in order to beat your friends. Although the game is ridiculously simple, it is very entertaining and can vary greatly in difficulty depending on the skill of your opponent. The main thing is to try to place as many tiles as possible, otherwise your opponent will simply steal them right from under your nose. Keep playing to unlock all sorts of challenges, advantages and game changes.

Scrabble GO

The board game Scrabble has been around for over 80 years, and various copies of it have been around in the app gaming space for over a decade. It allows you to play in a variety of modes:

  • With friends;
  • alone;
  • with a random opponent;
  • speed.

Cross-platform play is also possible. This new version offers an experience much closer to the original board game, and can be played remotely with friends by adding them via phone or by connecting the app to your Facebook account. The chat feature allows friends to chat with other players, so there’s an extra social element to the game.

Red Dog Casino

If you like to play real money casino games on your cell phone, then you should definitely check out Red Dog Casino. This is an online casino that you can play with your friends. Perhaps of greatest interest to mobile players is the huge selection of games available here. You can try each game for free before playing for real money, giving you a chance to get a feel for the game before you risk your money. Whether you’re using your Android phone or iPhone, you’ll be able to access the full range of games offered by Red Dog Casino and enjoy a hassle-free gaming experience.


This mobile trivial game app offers themed rounds of questions, just like the Trivial Pursuit game. You can choose from several themes, including:

  • Game of Thrones;
  • Disney;
  • World Geography.

The app can match you up with random opponents from around the world, but you can also invite your friends by clicking the “Invite Friends” button on the home page and sending them links to the game with you. You can challenge your friends to compete with you on QuizUp, and we highly recommend that you take advantage of this aspect of the game to show your friends how smart you are. If your friend accepts the challenge right away, you can play against each other in real time.


If you prefer to have your own trivia game night, Kahoot allows you to create your own quizzes with multiple choice answers as well as “true or false” answers. After creating a quiz, the app generates a unique game pin code that you can share with your friends. To join the quiz, they just need to enter the code using the “Enter Pin” button on the home screen. In the free version of the app, you can invite up to 10 players to the game. Your friends will send their answers on their own devices, but the questions will appear on your screen (the host screen), so you’ll also need video chat with friends and a shared screen.


Monopoly is a pretty old game, but it’s no less interesting. With this app, you can enjoy cross-platform multiplayer with your friends wherever they are. This version of the mobile app allows you to recreate the game online in several different ways. You can play alone against the computer or online with friends who are elsewhere. There’s even an offline multiplayer option, where you can play with your family in person, handing the phone between moves. With “Monopoly” on Android or iOS, you can play with your friends wherever you are, play faster and of course avoid all the confusion.

There are thousands of different games today that you can play with your friends. They allow you to spend your time in a fun and rewarding way, so they are a great solution for having a good time. No matter what game you choose, you’ll have fun and be happy! Don’t miss out on such a great opportunity, try one of the games presented in this article and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere.