10 live chat etiquette tips to create bonds in 2023: Livebeam team tips and tricks

10 live chat etiquette tips to create bonds in 2023: Livebeam team tips and tricks

The strength of great bonds depends primarily on communication, and Livebeam is well aware of the importance of creating quality communication experiences. The communication-entertainment platform has helped create bonds that have lasted years and created lots of positive emotions.

However, it’s obvious that some things derail a live chat. What are they?

Most people become too cautious when it comes to live chats, they take so much time to reply to messages while trying not to say the wrong things. This could affect friendships negatively or not allow them to grow. 

Imagine being on a phone call and the person on the other end doesn’t speak until after a minute of silence; that’s how it feels when you stall on a live chat. 

This is why Livebeam has curated these live chat tips to help you improve your bonds in the year 2023:

These live chat tips are more of guides that would improve your online bonds, your customer care relations, and your relationship with colleagues at work and friends at home. On Livebeam, you can find chat buddies who are ready to engage you and have genuine conversations, these 10 live chat etiquette tips will guide you through it all.

1. Always respond in a timely manner

The time factor greatly affects a conversation. Giving a very late response could put a person off or make them think that you are not interested in having the conversation with them.

The aim of a live chat has always been to make it seem as though you and the respondent are in the same room discussing, hence the term “live’. However, this is disrupted by long silences caused by time-wasting.

It’s proper to respond to live chats in a timely fashion. You can achieve these by getting over the causes. 3 genuine causes of late responses include:

  • Not knowing what to say
  • Being busy at the time
  • Not knowing you have a message

It is best to start a conversation when you have little on your plate, that way you can give the person your attention. However, if you do not always have the luxury of time, it helps to let the person know that you would be replying late due to your schedule. Turning on your notifications should help with keeping you aware of the messages you have received.

As regards knowing what to say, you will get many solutions to that in this article as we move along. 

2. Keep the conversation “simple”

One of the reasons why the Livebeam community thrives so well is due to the simple and genuine conversations that take place on the platform. This can serve as a template for many other platforms out there.

Keeping a chat direct and straight to the point gives room for no complexities. It promotes good vibes and no judgments. You are free to make contributions, talk about anything and let all your emotions out.

It’s not so hard to achieve a simple conversation. One effective way is to use a lead-response technique which will be discussed next in the article. 

3. Apply the lead-response technique

Getting along with an old-time friend or a family member online is pretty easy. You probably have so many things to talk about. However, that’s not the same for other online acquaintances who you have live chats with. Most times, you have little or not so much to discuss.

So, how do you converse with a new friend? You use the lead-response technique.

The lead-response technique simply involves one person leading the conversation and another responding. At different points in the chat you could be either of the two. When in the leading role, you ask open-ended questions that help you get to know the person better and generate responses that could lead to more questions and a longer conversation.

In the response role, you answer questions you face. In this role, you have to be as descriptive, detailed and expressive as possible. This opens up the possibilities of different questions and talking points.

4. Have a good listening and understanding habit

This is one of the most important tips here. When it comes to conversational etiquette; listening and understanding are among the leading qualities needed to keep a live chat going. When you listen attentively to what is being said, you are able to come up with appropriate and engaging responses in the conversation.

It’s quite rude to misinterpret one’s statement just because you didn’t listen well enough, that’s why you need to pay attention.

5. Be empathic and helpful

People hold live chats to get things off their chest or lighten up their mood. That can only be achieved if the respondent is empathic.

Once you have applied active listening into your conversations, your responses become the cherry on top.

Having relatable responses to whoever you chat with, while showing you understand their point of view is the level of maturity needed to strengthen the bonds of any relationship. Always remember that empathy and good responses stem from your ability to listen and understand properly.

6. Match your words with expressions

Think about it, how does someone know when you are happy? Yes, they look at you. They would observe your expression and demeanour. This is why you have to match your words with your expressions.

This works the same way on live chats by using emoji. Emojis can clearly help you define your words to the respondent.

Each time you align your positive words with similar emotions, expressions, or emojis, you create a flow in the conversation that is endearing. This way, anyone will want to keep the conversation going. And that’s how you strengthen a relationship.

7. Be in sync with the tone of the chat

It’s one thing to have a happy expression, but it’s another to flow with the tone of the conversation. Not every conversation is a happy one. You are not expected to laugh during times of sorrow or smile at a predicament. You have to read the room carefully to give an expression.

You have to listen carefully and show empathy when required, laughter when triggered, and comfort when needed. On a platform like Livebeam, people go there to loosen up and let go of boredom and loneliness; you can be an attentive ear or you can find someone willing to relate with you.

8. Do not change the topic abruptly 

This tip is a basic one. There are pauses within a conversation that lets you know that a particular topic has come to an end. Without identifying these pauses, do not suddenly move into another topic. It alters the conversation flow and sometimes doesn’t go down well with other people.

9. Always proofread your messages before sending out

Grammar and spellings have been overlooked often in recent times. However, a misspelling or a wrong use of words could complicate a conversation.

You do not need to get all technical and pull out grammatical softwares or even a dictionary. All you have to do is to re-read your message one more time before you send it out. This moment of reading it over could be used to decide the best places to input emoji, punctuation, as well as correct any errors or ambiguity you might notice.

10. Use Livebeam to make genuine conversations

Sometimes, the location is as important as the text. There are many platforms that offer live chat options, allowing you to engage with people immediately and effectively. Making the right decision on which platform to use could define the type of bond you will create.

What platform do we suggest for creating a great bond? It’s Livebeam.

Livebeam has been able to connect people looking to have fun conversations. It houses great personalities and models willing to listen and engage you however you want. It solves the problems of searching for a chat buddy, starting conversations and also keeping it going. Your conversations will last longer when you use a platform that is more concerned about the people who use it.

In Conclusion

There are no cheat codes or standard laws to doing well on live chats, but these tips will keep you in a positive light.

If you still have doubts about being able to execute them properly, then head on over to Livebeam and put each one of them into practice. There’s always someone waiting to have a conversation with you there and it helps if you already know the ropes.